Coin explosion

This Southwest Airlines Commercial entitled “Deposit” illustrates why following instructions is important. And here’s the thing about those drive-through bank teller set-ups: should I be trying to make eye contact with the lady on the other side? I mean, they can see and hear me, and I can hear them… yet, isn’t there kind of a void there? I raise the question because I think there is at least one person in tumbledry’s audience who can provide advice.

Now I am off to study for my physical evaluation test, wherein I learn the techniques used to accurately obtain a holistic picture of the health of one’s patients. Really, it’s the first class that tries to answer the dental question “to drill, or not to drill?”

I think I’ll have my patients just call me “Alex.” Is the “Doctor” prefix really necessary? I think, in most situations, it isn’t. Our bench dentist said his father, a physician, only used the “doctor” prefix when making dinner reservations. Interesting.

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I think you should go with:

Alex the Tooth Guy

Alexander Micek

Do you go by “Dr. Clappier,” John? I would think that could be kind of confusing with your Dad around and all.

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