On the Merry-Go-Round

On the Merry-Go-Round

There’s a lot to say about our trip to Omaha. The short version is: we hadn’t traveled in a while so we thought we’d give a short road trip a try to figure out how it would all work. The slightly longer version is: we never had so many unwelcome surprises in one trip, from having to bail on a hotel because it was so unclean, to me coming back to the car to find Ess and Mykala crying because nothing was going right, to the entire city of Omaha being rather a bit different than how it looked in the online research, to moving to a different hotel each day. In the end, it all held together, and we had what mattered most: a nice time together. They say traumatic experiences build teams, and so I think the same is true of times like this… bad vacations make families stronger.

Ess will always remember the hotel with dog pee in the corner, the one we ran away from as fast as we could.

The Socks in a Box

The Socks in a Box



Mykala and Ess

Mykala and Ess

Pandemic Christmas Tree Shopping

Pandemic Christmas Tree Shopping

Essie in a Sleigh

Essie in a Sleigh



Mykala spotted this owl in our backyard, and it stayed here for quite some time. I have never seen an owl so close; they are big birds.

I kind of feel for the mice; these things must be terrifying.



Monster Stew

Monster Stew

Cold Mermaid

Cold Mermaid