Economic levers

Jason Koebler, writing at Motherboard:

We have been told for decades that the banks and the people who work at Goldman Sachs and Fidelity and hedge funds none of us have ever heard of are smarter than us, that they deserve to be rich, that they should be the ones who pull the levers on the economy, that they should decide which companies are good and which are bad, that they should be the ones who help make financial regulations. All along the way they have gotten fabulously wealthy and we have been stuck with stagnant wages, record consumer debt, and financial advice that tells us to wait until we are old to retire.

Does this overstate the case?

I do not think this overstates the case.

The Inciter-in-Chief

David Remnick at the New Yorker, of course:

Once the Capitol was cleared, the solemn assurances that “this is not who we are” began. The attempt at self-soothing after such a traumatic event is understandable, but it is delusional. Was Charlottesville not who we are? Did more than seventy million people not vote for the Inciter-in-Chief? Surely, these events are part of who we are, part of the American picture. To ignore those parts, those features of our national landscape, is to fail to confront them.


I’m glad this year is almost over.



Mykala and Ess

Mykala and Ess

Pandemic Christmas Tree Shopping

Pandemic Christmas Tree Shopping

Essie in a Sleigh

Essie in a Sleigh



Mykala spotted this owl in our backyard, and it stayed here for quite some time. I have never seen an owl so close; they are big birds.

I kind of feel for the mice; these things must be terrifying.



Monster Stew

Monster Stew