Halloween costume

We’ve gone from pumpkin to Elsa to octopus to bat back to pumpkin. Pumpkin for a while. Now, we’re at penguin: Essie wants to be a penguin for Halloween. Since she has, essentially, no concept of time, we are struggling to articulate the importance of sticking with the costume once it has been ordered. When time has no meaning, Halloween is in the nebulous future, and there will always be time to order a different costume.

Penguin costume.

But here we are, the penguin costume ordered. Ess was telling me all about the hand-holes in the flippers. You know, so you can trick-or-treat.

Soft Landing

Soft Landing

Two Hands to Fly a Kite

Two Hands to Fly a Kite

Kite Flying

“Oh dear!!” is one of my favorite things Ess says.

Watching the Kite

Watching the Kite

Ess Meats Mudonna

Ess Meats Mudonna

Before the Movie

Before the Movie

Turning Four

Turning Four

Chuck the Duck

Chuck the Duck

Chuck goes with Sally. They’re both mallards.