Ess and Dave on a Bike

Ess and Dave on a Bike

Ess and Dave Eating

Ess and Dave Eating

Sweaty Ess

Sweaty Ess

Hot, humid summer weather + dreams = Ess waking up drenched in sweat.



Mykala dictated letters, and Ess wrote this! We were very pleased.

Ice Cream at Maybel’s

Ice Cream at Maybel’s

Ess and Some Ducks

“The duckies like us because we just gave them food up close.”

Family Photo 2

Family Photo 2

Mykala and I aren’t exactly… at our best in this photo. But it is the one where Ess is looking at the camera!

Happy to be Outside

Happy to be Outside

Family Photo 1

Family Photo 1

Dressed Up

Dressed Up

Dressed up for cousin Jane’s wedding.