Rough Economy

598,000 Jobs Lost in January; Rate Hits 7.6% - NYTimes.com:

“This is a horror show we’re watching,” said Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, a left-of-center economic research organization in Washington. “By every measure available-loss of employment and hours, rise of unemployment, shrinkage of the employment to population rate- this recession is steeper than any recession of the last forty years, including the harsh recession of the early 1980s.”

I hope all the readers of tumbledry are able to remain employed throughout this unbelievably tough time. Makes my test studying at hand seem even more urgent — I’ve just got to get through this. Hope everyone’s Friday is happy, despite the news.

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Dan McKeown

No worries, Target is keeping me on for the time being. Although if I were to be laid off I suppose that would be a great motivator for getting my applications in for grad school…


Yeah, grad school!

Alexander Micek

Yay, school!

Alexander Micek

Not much support for that last one. Maybe it’s because school is too expensive these days.

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