Long days

Imagination is powerful. When it’s far below zero and the sun hasn’t yet risen, as I’m riding the bus to a day of underground lectures, I close my eyes and imagine I’m somewhere else.

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This made me laugh :) But why would you imagine jumping into a puddle in such cold weather Alex!

Alexander Micek

Indeed — I mean, try puddle jumping during Minnesota winter, and see how much joy that brings. That said, the oldest recorded puddle lives in Wallingford, England.

And now you know.

Nils +1

This is why I read TumbleDry. How else would I ever learn where the biggest puddle in the world is? How would I ever know that this kind of thing is a documented fact? How would I? How would you? We wouldn’t know. We wouldn’t have a damn clue. Thank you, Alex and thank you, TumbleDry.


And by biggest puddle, I meant oldest. I wonder what keeps it from evaporating?

Dan McKeown

Well it is England, so my guess would include something about a local pub and unemployment…

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