Stuff from April, 2005

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on April, 2005.

Pop Bubble Wrap

Pop Bubble Wrap - An oldie, but a goodie.

Sunny Sun Sun McSunnerson

Seventy five degrees today. Seventy five. Amazing for early April. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s the kind of day that you have a hard time feeling stressed during - the kind of day people stay in Minnesota for. Fresh air, everyone outside lounging and studying in the sunshine. The leaves aren’t on the trees quite yet, so indeed it is not as green as could be, but that fresh ground thawing smell is all around and spring fever has hit almost as hard as everyone’s hay fever.


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Shatteredcube - Richard’s site with the unique catchy name. Now, more flavorful with comments.

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies

How to Hang A Hammock with Duct Tape

How to Hang A Hammock with Duct Tape

Great discussion on information overload

Great discussion on information overload - I agree with the first poster: life is the most important.

Hope this doesn’t happen with my pending haircut next week

Hope this doesn’t happen with my pending haircut next week

Food at the Binz: Part 5 In a Series

Some days you just have to change it up a little bit. You see, no cafeteria can supply edible food every day, and the Binz Refectory at the University of St. Thomas is no exception. I believe it was some sort of quesadilla that was being served (beef or cheese, please), and they were so flat they looked like somebody took a rolling pin to them before serving. Not that that is a bad thing - taste trumps appearance any day - but goodness, I simply had to say ‘no’ to grease-soaked tortilla, ‘no’ to the desserts (which develop a hard outer casing after a few days of being set out each dining period), and ‘no’ to everything else … except one thing.


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Why I enjoy being at college (and writing weakly-phrased titles)

These drummers were quite amazing. The experience was much more involving than I would have anticipated.

Being at college is great. We get exposed to all of these cultural experiences … you know the kind that seem so fake and trite in other contexts - they really take on a meaning when on a university campus. People might be majoring in the study of the language of the country, might have lived there for a semester, or may have a professor from there. Furthermore, these experiences helps break up our [sadly] homogeneous group of campus residents. Mykala invited me to come hear ‘Taiko.’


Foam, Foam, Dance

While my titles could be improved, this one is undeniably accurate, especially on closer inspection of the following material. First off, since I always miss it or can never remember it, today was the first day the grass looked green and there were visible buds on the trees. Yes, this means spring, or at least it’s flowery foundations, is (are?) firmly upon us. Looks like Monday the 18th (with a projected high of 71) will be our top day in the next 10. I will be rollerblading on that day, yes I will (and hope for company).


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Great article describing the concept of a meme

Great article describing the concept of a meme - In typical Wikipedia style; very thorough and interesting.

Get A Perfect Shave

Get A Perfect Shave

USB Dance floor displays videos

USB Dance floor displays videos - Ok. This color-changing floor is the coolest looking floor for a dance party I have ever seen.

According to a study by BBDO Worldwide and Proximity Worldwide, 14% of all mobile-phone users worldwide say they’ll interrupt sex to answer the phone

According to a study by BBDO Worldwide and Proximity Worldwide, 14% of all mobile-phone users worldwide say they’ll interrupt sex to answer the phone - Houston, we have a problem.

Advice: Getting by in English

Advice: Getting by in English - Rob Weychert’s new design looks good, and I really like his “Ask The Monkey” section.

Happy Posters

Happy Posters - I need a vacation.

Sharper Image Air Purifier actually makes air worse

Sharper Image Air Purifier actually makes air worse - And I actually considering buying one. Shame on me.

Photo gallery in CSS

Photo gallery in CSS

Case Mod: Microwave Computer

Case Mod: Microwave Computer

Hair (Cut)

The idea was not to grow out my hair. Seven months ago (during my last haircut), I did not think it would be spring before I cut the locks springing from my skull. That said, fall gave way to winter, which began to yield to spring, and during that time my hair continued to grow, unaccosted by the barber’s shears/scissors. The resulting forest/afro of hair got rather curly in the end.


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Strong Bad’s computer virus

Strong Bad’s computer virus - There goes Compy 386.

Toothpastefordinner Comic: Desired salary level

Toothpastefordinner Comic: Desired salary level - This is what I feel like saying when Professors ask us to divide our grades up between group members.

The Umbrella Re-Invented (in a really good way)

The Umbrella Re-Invented (in a really good way) - I will buy one of these when they are sold, I promise you.


Dayle is an interesting character. Resident of fifth floor since my first year here, he is an institution around Cretin Hall. While I can’t fully disclose the many facets of his personality, I believe he is from Jamaica or somewhere geographically close - he has this really cool accent. I also learned the sport of cricket from him one early Saturday morning last year. I played with people still slightly tipsy from the night before, marveling the whole time at the subtleties of such a simple game. Dayle has always surprised me, intially from his accent, to his smoking, to his position as a senior contributing writer on our school’s newspaper.


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How To Ease into Listening to Indie Music

How To Ease into Listening to Indie Music

Things my Future Self will tell my Present Self

Despite all the tests, quizzes, labs, papers, and final preparations that you are going through right now, there will not be another time in your life like this. You will not live so close to so many friends, sharing such a unique living space again. You will not change and grow so much as an individual in such a short space of time again. You will not find new interests, or have the time to pursue them, in the same way you do now.


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Best study name ever

Best study name ever - In our class called animal behavior, we study the journal Animal Behaviour. One of the primary source titles I found from research for a lab report: “Mate choice in a hermaphrodite: you won’t score with a spermatophore.” I didn’t bother to link the other one: “Absence of female conspecifics induces homosexual behaviour in male guppies.”


Domo-Kun - Not sure what he is, but makes for some awesome wallpaper.