Hair (Cut)

The idea was not to grow out my hair. Seven months ago (during my last haircut), I did not think it would be spring before I cut the locks springing from my skull. That said, fall gave way to winter, which began to yield to spring, and during that time my hair continued to grow, unaccosted by the barber’s shears/scissors. The resulting forest/afro of hair got rather curly in the end.

Oh my.

With the warming weather, I consulted many opinions, and soon realized that I had to cut the dangerously thick locks before my head overheated in the approaching hot weather of late spring and early summer.

Less hair. Whew.

Thankfully, said haircut performed well today, allowing my head to actually breathe in the eXtreme 81 degree heat (I capitalized the ‘x’ so you know how extreme the heat was). If anybody from south of here is laughing, you should - Minnesota winters are cold, dudes. However, this makes the springs and summers around here heavenly - you value what you frequently lose. Oh, any good haircut stories? Leave ‘em in the comments.

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Yeah, I got one for you. My best friend for about a year (funny how that works), named Kevin, had an evil dog named Pepper. That is where I got to know Pepper, Kevin’s house. One day when I was working at the animal hospital Pepper came in. Kevin’s mom had tried to give Satin dog a haircut with some shears in her house. It looked like she jabbed the scissors right into the dogs ribcage. There were huge gashes and blood all over. We somehow cleaned him up, despite his infuriated rage. That is the last thing I remember about Pepper. I think that is what you were looking for.


While I would love to leave the details of a personal haircutting disaster, I do not believe I have any such story. I am writing this comment simply to ask you how you decide you are going to take pictures of yourself like the last one on this post. You took that photo with your camera phone, probably while sitting at your desk alone in your room. Why do you not look at the picture-taking device? Is it an effort to look casual and nonchalant? Are you trying to look cool, Alex? Is that what this is about? I certainly hope you have a good explanation for this nonsense.

Sincerely, Mykala Shaiann


I think he is trying to be an amateur photographer. I think that is his next goal.

Richard Roche

ok i got a funny and slightly embarrassing hair story. There was a time when i used to sport a flat top (that wasn’t the funny part, stop laughing). But there was a few troublesome hairs at the top of my forehead, right at the beggining of my hair line, that would not stick up properly, but would only lay limply. So i thought it would be a smart thing to just shave them off. It was no big deal at first, but i had to keep shaving them and each time i shaved i would get further and further up my hairline. So i ended up with a receding hairline at the age of 13. It started to get noticible so i had to change my hairstyle to one where i combed my bangs down. So yes, technically i had a comb-over. That summer i had to completly shave my head to start over.

I would like to point out, that i for one, think alex looks cool in that picture where he is looking away from the camera. It gives off a, I’m care-free but still intellectual vibe.


That last story was funny. I laughed. Thank you Richard Roche for making me laugh.

I like your haircut Alex. I do not think I have a funny story, but I have seen many since my mom owned a salon and all. I think the funniest ones for me were when ladies got their hair cut short and cried. I always had to go in the back to laugh.

Ryan Markoe

My mom cut my hair with a horse shears….i moved while she was shearing….i was bald on a large portion of the left side of my head….it was a summer to remember.


Hey John, I konw the dog you’re talking about. I actually know the family of that dog pretty well (the Asaskus’s). That dog was crazy. I think it’s dead now. It was blind and deaf for a while if I remember correctly. Anyways, I have a hair cut story. I was in the 8th grade and was in need of some cutting of my hair. My brother had just gotten his cut, and I though “Hmm, his hair looks pretty good. I will ask him which blade numbers the guy used for him so I will have awesome hair too.” He told me a 1 on the sides, and a 2.5 or 3 on top. I pass this info along to the barber and when he starts cutting my hair, I realize I am almost bald. I had no choice but to let him finish taking alot of hair, leaving me looking pretty retarded. It turns out that the numbers my brother was giving me were in inches, not blade numbers. So I was almost bald for a couple months until my hair grew back. I don’t look good almost bald.

Richard Roche

haha, I remember that one Nils, you were whining about it the whole time at lunch.

Amber: you’re welcome :)


Yeah Nils, I was there when they put Pepper down. He is no more. Probably for the best being that he was barely living before he did go. These hair cut stories are great.

Alexander Micek

Lol, “it was a summer to remember.” Richard, you sound mad at Nils.

Thanks for the great stories, everyone!

Oh, and Mykala, that was not taken with any intended “mood” - I was making a funny face and my mouth got cut off - I swear. I am innocent of manipulation through pictures. ;)

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