Foam, Foam, Dance

While my titles could be improved, this one is undeniably accurate, especially on closer inspection of the following material. First off, since I always miss it or can never remember it, today was the first day the grass looked green and there were visible buds on the trees. Yes, this means spring, or at least it’s flowery foundations, is (are?) firmly upon us. Looks like Monday the 18th (with a projected high of 71) will be our top day in the next 10. I will be rollerblading on that day, yes I will (and hope for company).

Last week, I received my early birthday present from Mykala - which was a replacement huge giant sack of foam from Corduroys! If you recall, my old one was ‘destroyed’ (she learned at the store that they would have replaced the ruined foam inside for only like 70 dollars) in January. I have a much better color now (“flight blue”), plus a bright blue footstool (wihch is fantastic, makes it feel like a huge recliner), and a kick-butt/booty pillow with squares of flight blue and khaki. This gift rocks, comfortable sitting style. I meticulously washed, fluffed, and taped-off the lint (a process involving wrapping tape around one’s fingers and then poking the cover like you have ADHD); and discovered it was all worth it: it shines like a foamy beacon in my room now. Dan (of third floor fame) ran up here to deliver milk and declared this sack of foam at least 50% more comfortable than the previous large sack of foam (!). Excuse the creepy picture of me, shown below.


I learned that some nice car washes have this awesome multi-colored foam/wax type substance which they shower your car with - it smells sort of like cherries. I wanted to get out and taste some but Mykala stopped me. Actually, that’s not true - it was the other way around. Ok, that’s not true either, but it did smell really good.

Those crazy car wash people.

This weekend, I had the privilege of going to a dance competition, and seeing it from the set up at the beginning to the tear down at the end. I really enjoyed myself, to tell you the truth, and the whole experience simultaneously entertained me and made me wish I was more flexible. I was known as the boy with the “fluffy hair.” Hair length is well over 5 inches at last measurement - God help me if I start it on fire.

Yee haw.

The above was snapped in Target - during a search for a sock accessory to one dance’s costumes. See, the girls needed (and continue to need) (and oh, boys are a rarity amongst dancers … which I think is strange) long socks with two horizontal stripes at the top. Everyone has seen them at one time or another, no one can find them. The sock search has been, however, an entertaining one, and I look forward to the next costume-piece-goose-chase in my future. Top hats? Moon boots? Michael Jackson gloves? “Ziegfeld Follies” style feathery crests? You’ll just have to wait and see.

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I hope you found your socks in time, but if not and you need them for future events then I know a location. Ragstock, your number one location for all that is different. The socks went well with my 80’s costume and are located right next to the cashier. (Note: This is the ragstock on University:End Note)


Two things…

First, My dancers asked me if my boyfriend was the one with the “frilly” hair, not fluffy. Yes… I am dating a frilly-headed monster.

Second, I apologize for those of you who had to view that picture of half of my face stuffed into a Target safari hat. There is no excuse for such things to be posted on this website. =)

Also, Richard, thanks for the tip on the socks. I’ll check it out.


I wanted to eat it too when I saw it. I am glad you captured it’s wonder in a picture.


That is a creepy picture. That really creeps me out. I can’t look at it anymore even. jeez.

ryan markoe

I carried that sack of foam up five flights of stairs and i dont even get a mention on tumbledry……for shame alex, for shame. The real reason I am here today is to coment on that creepy picture of you, it is really quite frightening and i am starting a petition to have it removed from the internet.


I will sign the petition.


Count me in on the petition as well. Kala did you check the evil corporation? aka, Walmart? I hear they have random socks as well sometimes…just a thought.

Alexander Micek

Lol. Ok so that picture of me was creepy. Apologies for that.

And Ryan, you get a new paragraph of thanks in my comment, because holy crap, I know how heavy those things are and I really appreciate your help in the gift. You frickin’ kick tail.

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