Food at the Binz: Part 5 In a Series

Some days you just have to change it up a little bit. You see, no cafeteria can supply edible food every day, and the Binz Refectory at the University of St. Thomas is no exception. I believe it was some sort of quesadilla that was being served (beef or cheese, please), and they were so flat they looked like somebody took a rolling pin to them before serving. Not that that is a bad thing - taste trumps appearance any day - but goodness, I simply had to say ‘no’ to grease-soaked tortilla, ‘no’ to the desserts (which develop a hard outer casing after a few days of being set out each dining period), and ‘no’ to everything else … except one thing.

Cereal: just eat it.

Cereal to the rescue! My usual combination consists of a good fresh base of granola with a light coating of Apple Jacks on top. The Binz keepers recently got rid of the months and months old granola earlier, reducing the Milk Soak Time required to transform the raisins into edible masses of dried fruit-delight rather than teeth-assassinating chunks of tar. This made for a delightfully chewable, healthy, and refreshingly lunch.

Thank you to the fine folks at Kellogs.

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I was really hoping to see the mystery quesadilla, but oh well. I really like how you throw in pix all the time, especially of your food! Do you carry around a digital camera all the time? Or is it your camera phone? Either way… me likes!

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