Sunny Sun Sun McSunnerson

Seventy five degrees today. Seventy five. Amazing for early April. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s the kind of day that you have a hard time feeling stressed during - the kind of day people stay in Minnesota for. Fresh air, everyone outside lounging and studying in the sunshine. The leaves aren’t on the trees quite yet, so indeed it is not as green as could be, but that fresh ground thawing smell is all around and spring fever has hit almost as hard as everyone’s hay fever.

Mykala and I sandalled (I hope you accept this new word, a verb meaning ‘to walk in sandals’) from our 9:35 to 11:55 classes with nary a shiver. Now, I am currently catching up on email for all my classes, registration, and work stuff. Amongst the piles of mail, I found a ‘resident study’ requesting my input. I have been filling out the form, and generally responding quite positively. However, there was one question that bothered me a bit; it requested my feedback on ‘Temperature regulation in your room.’ Note that the pipes froze in my room this past December, flooding it and causing about twelve hundred dollars in damage.

I marked ‘very disatisfied.’

The song “No Matter What You Do” by Benny Benassi has this little electronic “wooWOOwoo” in in that has been in my head since about 3:30am earlier today. It is a fantastic electronic thumping body rocking anthem that everyone who has the means simply must hear some time. I feel like that sentence should be followed by “dahhling” and a snobby Olde-Money-London laugh.

Marching into the distance.

Flying through the basement of BEC today (literally running errands), I had to pause to take this picture on the phone. Apparently there is going to be a photo copier rave tonight, and all the machines are gearing up for a dance party of epic proportions. Bet they had no trouble printing up flyers for it. I hope they play “No Matter What You Do” at the party - I’m seeing Kinkos meets Mitsubishi Eclipse ads here.    Honestly, though, if I find out what they were doing there, I will let you know.

Signed Sincerely (Your only tumbledry updater),
Alex Micek

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Hey. I really like your new word. I think I will sandal tomorrow. It’s no longer just a noun!

I feel the need to prove you wrong, because I felt very stressed today. But luckily it didn’t last. I cheered up while walking with my wonderful ipod shuffle singing to me and watching all the people enjoying the weather. It was cool.

So maybe you are partially right ;-)

Richard Roche

It was like 82 degrees here today, and although i’m not the biggest warm weather fan (65-70 degrees is where i like it), it was nice to see all the girls parading around in their tiny shirts, shorts, skirts. I refuse to listen to that Benny Benassi tune as I am still struggling to get the “Satisfaction” song out of my head from over a year ago.


I wish I could’ve enjoyed yesterday’s weather. I was inside primarily all evening taking care of the “big guns”. Ok, not the big guns. But the horses, llama, cattle, goat. I got smelly too. I like the llama. His name is Oreo. He is like a big cat with a long neck, dressed up like an oreo cookie, and now only three legs. Think about that one. YAY!

Alex, we must rollerblade. The paths are clear. I tested. I approve.

Alexander Micek

Amber, I think your happiness was due to your iPod shuffle. No, I’m kidding. Maybe, though.

Richard lol Mykala and I discussed your comment yesterday and you are right, his music is very catchy - but we dare you to give it a listen. Otherwise I may sneak down to your college, rewire your clock radio, and wake you up to it … creeeeepy.

John (and everyone), I have implemented comment saving … so you won’t write a big long comment only to have it KILLED BYA FORM ERROR. I’ve heard people had some trouble with that, so that should fix it. That said, you should being photodocumenting your veterinarian school journey - i’m sure there are many Kodak moments. Rollerblading is imminent.

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