Things my Future Self will tell my Present Self

Despite all the tests, quizzes, labs, papers, and final preparations that you are going through right now, there will not be another time in your life like this. You will not live so close to so many friends, sharing such a unique living space again. You will not change and grow so much as an individual in such a short space of time again. You will not find new interests, or have the time to pursue them, in the same way you do now.

You will not be this young again.

You will not have health, the future, youth, and time all on your side (at least simultaneously) again. Future self, you have the entire everything at your fingertips. You are so blessed for this; so, do not sqaunder your Time. (“The stuff life is made of” as Benjamin Franklin said.) When you work hard, work hard; it will come to fruition sooner or later. And when you play hard, play hard. Ignore the messages outside of yourself saying “value life”; find your own inner truth - the reasons you want to make so much of all that you have.

That said, and returning to my present self, I would like to point out that I am single-handedly bringing back the peace sign. The previous phrase has significant mileage in nostalgia and puns. Furthermore in the next week, I will be performing experiments on guppies, and then analyzing the results using some statistical test. The fact that applying stats to this inane study is supposed to make it valid disturbs me.

One more thing: there will never be another time in my life that I have to pay 2 dollars per load of laundry - ever.

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How true, Alex. That’s something we all should take to heart. Kudos to you for being so deep on a Tuesday morning.

Ryan Markoe

good message…..laundry does blow!


i think i will enjoy being friends with Future Micek as much as i do this oh-so present one. except i might get wrinkles. but we will deal with that later. (future jordan should discuss some things with present one…thanks for the idea. maybe something will come of this)

JJ Doughboy

With that future appearing so close to me, with just 2 weeks remaining til I hit it, all I can say is exactly what Alex is. Enjoy it. Life goes to fast to squander it on worry. Remember, your paying to take finals, so they must be of some value to you, afterall, you pay to see a movie too right?

As for never being this healthy again… JR might soon dive into the medical business, discovering the fountain of youth, why God created us, as well as how to compromise with God so that everyone wins (which is just another way of saying everyone loses). Ok, so that won’t happen, but it’s fun to joke.

As for the 2.00 laundry… If we do the math… How many loads of laundry do you have to do before the cost per load actually falls below 2.00? If a washer dryer combo runs about 1000, you would think 500, but it’s not a constant number because of detergent. But for the sake of argument: If you do 500 loads to break even, and we assume 3 loads per week (darks, lights, and reds). We’re talking over 150 weeks of laundry. That’s almost 3 years, and that’s without factoring the box of detergent, fabric softener, and any repairs that might need to be made on the equipment. So, my guess is, that for some time, you might be in fact paying more than 2.00 per load. But eh, maybe i’m missing the free donation of a washer/dryer or something of that nature.

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