Stuff from November, 2005

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on November, 2005.

Sunlight Painted Building

Sunlight Painted Building

I like this picture a lot. You wouldn’t believe the way the sun lit up the grounds that evening - the air was a perfect temp and the reds and yellows playfully bounced the sun around corners. As you walked down Summit to the river, the trees glowed like jewels in the sunset, like somebody had glossed the whole scene in gold.

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T9i Treadmill

T9i Treadmill - I want this treadmill by Life Fitness. Also, they have some interesting text on their cardio homepage: “I am no longer aware of limitations.” Cool.

Peaking Sun

Peaking Sun

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250,000 superballs

250,000 superballs - Well, everyone originally thought this was a Nike commercial, but it’s for Sony - this commercial was shot earlier this summer in San Francisco - the website does it justice: 250,000 superballs poured down a huge San Franciso hill.

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Oh guys. Oh faithful readers of tumbledry. I am lost. On the rollercoaster of life I’m in the inverted underground pitch black tunnel portion wherein one loses all sense of direction and only knows one thing: there’s a way out.

Thankfully, there’s solace in the analogy, for a rollercoaster of life puts you on a track … and the track that I think I am on leads out of the aforementioned analogy-heavy tunnel. The best ways to save time in college are (1) owning a bike and (2) sleeping. The first, I think, is self-explanatory - but the second makes you so much more efficient at getting things done that you simply would not believe it. Oh, and libraries. Wow.


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Simple Red Beauty

Simple Red Beauty

Special Numbers

Special Numbers - Have a number in mind? Find out what’s special about it! For Katy.

Better greeting cards

Better greeting cards - 3-D print-your-own 99 cent gift cards that are cube shaped!

The Great Room

The Great Room

Welcome to Ryan and Mykala’s new apartment. This is the living room, days after moving in.

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10,000 Year Clock

10,000 Year Clock - The Clock of the Long Now is an exquisite feat of engineering and art, designed to last for over 10,000 years. I will be following this. (Thanks: kottke)

Wall Flower

Wall Flower

A great find from Urban Outfitters decorates a new apartment wall.

Pop versus Soda versus Coke

Pop versus Soda versus Coke - Covers where in America people call soft drinks by certain names. Hey look at pop: it’s got a stronghold in Alaska, plus, it goes from MN all the way out to WA! Woo!

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Orange Trio

Orange Trio

Pumpkins for Halloween - we didn’t get to carve them, unfortunately.

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Image of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps

Image of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps - Only online, folks.

Maple Colors

Maple Colors

Our front yard tree: it always seems to be the last to know its fall, so we get a burst of color when all the other leaves are fading.

Empty Chairs

Empty Chairs

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Name That Song

Name That Song

I can’t remember what piano piece this was - not one I have played lately.


Zubbles - Nearly opaque colored bubbles - took a guy at the U of M about 10 years to develop them. Wow.

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Kevin Garnett Quote

I’m like the old guy in the rocking chair telling all the kids in pampers, ‘Get off the chair! Do not break that! I thought you were suposed to be napping.’

— Kevin Garnett

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Boston Pianos

Boston Pianos

I love this instrument with every ounce of musical energy I have.



Not entirely sure why this is the picture for today. But hey, it’s part of this cool lamp in the apartment, so there you go.

He Returns!

Quoth Nils: “Ok, you know what has to stop? This whole “update once a week” thing. How about daily, or tri weekly? Come on!” A valid point, sir, though homework has been brutal. Here I am, back for a little bit, though I will again be absent from tumbledry for some time in preparation for another test. Have no fear, though, updates are set to appear in the following days, so you all will not go without. Truth be told, I have been in the process of reinventing my homework attack method. I must thank many people in my life for being ever-so-patient with me throughout this process: it is certainly not an overnight change. I will be struggling and learning throughout the rest of this semester, but it is in this much more strictly time-managed direction that I must point my life. I’ve been almost fearful to outline this goal of mine, for fear that doing so will somehow jinx my efforts, but I find that describing what I am trying to do gives me a better idea of how to do it. I’m getting there.


Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren - Anybody want to buy this for me?

Foil Wig

Foil Wig

That thing was really warm.

Movie: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I loved the off-beat sense of humor in this movie, which definitely indicates it is true to the book. Though, there is a definite sense of the movie attempting to cram in all of the events in the book into a movie that just can’t accomodate it. Not having read the book, I still got the sense that there were undercurrents of humor that were shoehorned in to appease those that had read the book, but which fell flat when deflated in an attempt to fit them in.


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Not Ryan’s Birthday

Not Ryan’s Birthday

It wasn’t actually Ryan’s birthday.

Pride and Prejudice reviews well

Pride and Prejudice reviews well - Surprise. Looks like a very very good movie.

Movie: The Matrix

This movie takes wickedly stylized film making and a perfect soundtrack and uses it as an extraordinary backdrop for a plot featuring extrapolated technology, kung-fu, and a look at a future of our world. The sum is much more than the parts. This movie could have been terrible - different directors, different actors, attempting to make it more “pop” and less gritty … there are so many wrong turns that are so frequently taken with futuristic movies of this type. This movie avoids these problems: how, I do not know.


First Toss

First Toss

First camera toss posted: you set the camera to about a half to one second of exposure, and then throw it in the air.

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Movie: Dodgeball

I generally like the movies Ben Stiller is in. He can be over the top as in Zoolander, but when he needs to be (as in Meet the Parents) he’s believably funny. He mixes those two together in this mostly-hit but sometime major-miss movie about dodgeball. It’s a good movie for any gathering of people under 25 … and it would be much more classic if they dropped the sexual orientation humor around the chracter Kate. Seriously … they could have pulled all that, put in a couple more funny jokes (it’s obvious they had the writers to do so), and improved the staying power of the movie tremendously.


McDo Design

McDo Design - Some amazing GFX work - makes using your computer much more pleasant.

Radio Lives in Minnesota

I just heard this cool song “Men of Station” by a band called 13 & God on our sweet awesome local indie station The Current. Whilst googling to find the name of this band, I ran across a review with a great, albeit complicated, turn of phrase:


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10 Gallon Hat

10 Gallon Hat

Mykala wears her prop cowboy hat very well.

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Movie: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I watched this movie twice. I liked it. I am a man. These statements may seem mutually exclusive, but I’ll let you in on something: the movie is very real. True, it’s built to fly off shelves into the houses of tween and teen girls, and it tells many girl stories in the same way Love Actually tells many love stories … but the story-telling is surprisingly not kitschy. In a movie like this, you would expect lame declarations of love, weak plot sketches, poor acting … but there is a distinct absence of all of these problems.



I stepped out into the weather after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Mykala; we had accidentally attended the lovely candle-lit, whitish tablecloth affair put on by Saint Thomas Food Service. Standing at the marble porch of Murray Herrick Center, I briefly contemplated the mix of snow and rain fighting for a majority of the precipitation. I swept loose fall slush from my handlebars and seat, stooping to unlock my bicycle. As I struggled to pop the frozen lock, I heard a heavily accented voice from behind me, “So confusing!” I turned slightly, seeing a young man from Africa walking past. I realized he had been talking to me. He added, “… just don’t know what to make of it.”


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Ryan Takes a Picture

Ryan Takes a Picture

An artful blur of headlights, highway lights, and the stereo of a Passat.

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Oh No

I’ve been looking for good music for the Christmas holiday. Christmas music is not always easy to find. Guess what I accidentally stumbled across? The Regis Philbin Christmas Album. Whaaaat? Given the musical careers of Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, I should not be surprised that one only needs achievements in acting in order to record tremendously average music. Listening to the samples of this album was not a pleasant experience: imagine impeccable production mixed with the most stunningly mediocre, digitally corrected ‘singing’ you have ever heard. One review:


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Tree Skeleton

Tree Skeleton

And that … is the end of fall viewed through my window.

Meatiest cows … ever

Meatiest cows … ever - Belgian blue cows don’t produce myostatin, which inhibits muscle development. So you end up with monster cows like this one. Interesting paper on myostatin.

Quite Possibly My Most Boring Picture Yet

Quite Possibly My Most Boring Picture Yet

Long hours of studying take their toll on creativity.

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Good and Bad Presentations

Good and Bad Presentations - Featuring Gates and Jobs. (via Authentic Boredom).

Ultra running

Ultra running - Life. Running. Dean Karnazes … who ran to the South Pole.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight



At one moment in time very close to the sun setting, all the birds in the trees leave their perches to spend the evening somewhere more sheltered - it’s a beautiful sight.


I saw Snoop Dogg at Lifetime Fitness, my local gym. More on this tomorrow.

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Free (As A Bird)

Free (As A Bird)

Mmm doughnuts; quick history

Mmm doughnuts; quick history

Graceful Arc

Graceful Arc

This bird just kept flying up and up and up after launching from the tree.


I hustled over to the quad leg extension machine at Lifetime Fitness, trying to wrap (rap?) up my workout as quickly as possible. That’s when I looked in the mirror in front of me, and spotted Snoop Dogg walking on a treadmill just behind me. He wasn’t sweating. He wasn’t really dressed for working out. But I mean, if it really were Snoop Dogg, I am confident that he would be way too cool to do something like run. That’s not his style. He’s going to stroll … and look cool doing it.


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Second Snow

Second Snow

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Love Can Take It

Love Can Take It - The lovely Mykala blogs about her college life. You’ll come for the humor and stay for the snappy writing that powers it.

Plus, she’s my girlfriend so … enjoy the website already!

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The Arches

The Arches

Finally took a long exposure shot of the arches - hoping to do one of these during a snow.



Big moon boots!



This is a Scythe SCNJ-1000 Ninja passive heatsink for socket 478 processors. It is huge (about 15 cm tall) but will keep the computer very quiet (and cool, too). Will be running on a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4, Northwood edition.

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Hat Close-Up

Hat Close-Up

I like this hat because it goes well with jeans, I do not really know anything about North Carolina. Oops.

Backyard Snow

Backyard Snow

Holiday snow made being inside cozy this long weekend.

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What the heck is going on here? I think somebody was trying to get somebody else’s attention over Matt’s head. I should have cropped this better.

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Puffy cheeks.

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