Stuff from January, 2005

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on January, 2005.

Hibiscus Miniscus (No More Ryhmes)

It took me an eternity to find the Hawaiian bedding I was looking for. Anyhow, for those of you searching for hibiscus print duvet covers with matching shams, I would suggest you check out Dean Miller Surf Bedding for all your surf-themed bedding needs. Perhaps I will get these print-type sheets I passed up in the first place; we threw away one heck of a lot of fire-sprinkler-soaked bedding - the dark colors of it all looked so good on paper, but stunningly bad in my dorm room. But no matter, I get a second shot at it!


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Steve Roper and Mike Nomad Ended

Steve Roper and Mike Nomad Ended - This strip ran for over 50 years; I guess its readership was declining. The original author passed it on to his son, who died a year ago, and now the strip is done. I’ll miss it.

Do You Speak American?

Do You Speak American? - Great PBS special about regional American dialects.

Blu-Ray Has Already Won

Blu-Ray Has Already Won - Gizmodo’s excellent article argues why the future of optical media is not a contest but a countdown: Blu-Ray holds upwards of 50GB and is already available in Japan.

Zach Braff Blog

Zach Braff Blog - Garden State’s writer/director/co-star writes funny stuff. New Year’s Resolution: “Be less kind to bunnies” and so forth.

Selling Sound

The idea of the expedition was to go to Audio Perfection on Lyndale Avenue, and audition the speakers with John. He is trying to decide between the KEF Q7’s and some NHT ST-4’s. I love the store even though I have only been there once before; during that visit, the sales people treated me not as a poor (as in broke) kid, but as an interested enthusiast who could someday return to make an investment in gear. Our idea did work out, but we learned more than we thought we would.


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CES 2005

Prior to this year, I was not aware that the Consume Electronics Show every January is the biggest of its kind in the world. But after reading about the show through detailed coverage at Engadget and Gizmodo (but mostly Engadget), I found that my personal picks amongst their personal picks still constituted a fascinating glimpse at the future of consumer level technology. In short, if you like high tech, you are in for some kind of treats in this coming year or two.


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‘Proof: cows hate humans’

‘Proof: cows hate humans’ - Daisy has the best quote.

Humans Were Born to Run

Humans Were Born to Run - Running is why we have large rear ends. Also, the comments are great.

Michigan Man Hangs onto his Stolen Car at 80mph

Michigan Man Hangs onto his Stolen Car at 80mph - This is real, I first heard this story on “As It Happens” on NPR.

‘Saturn Orbited by Delicious Treats’

‘Saturn Orbited by Delicious Treats’ - Yay for solar system confections!

McSweeney’s: Ill-Fated Ideas Borne of a Hallmark Brainstorming Session

McSweeney’s: Ill-Fated Ideas Borne of a Hallmark Brainstorming Session

Keychain Plants

Keychain Plants - They grow until they fill the keychain, and then you can transplant them. What a strange idea.

Do Not Make Me Look Again

Sometimes things come along that would make great “visits” links, but grow to be something more. They transcend the boundary between single isolated link and lasting impression, good or bad. The following is one such link.

Me: scary picture
Dan: dude, what is that?
Dan: lol
Me: that’s bill gates
Me: posing for the magazine teen beat
Me: in the 1980s
Me: words fail me
Dan: hahaha, yeah, i dont know how i feel about that
Me: i’m scared
Dan: i feel dirty

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Baby Signs

Baby Signs - A first-hand account of the effectiveness of baby sign language. Furthermore, my psychology professor told our class that these signs do not delay baby’s verbal language acquisition speed at all (she used them as well). Definitely something to file away in “being a good parent.”

Library Sustenance

When I quickly stop by the library computer lab, I usually do so in the same area. So, I would say I have been coming in here to the same spot for about 3 months. In some ways, it is getting a little … too familiar. On the public table for stapling, paperclipping, rubberbanding, and other fun paper-arranging tasks there sat a tray from the cafeteria. In early December, while waiting for some sheets to print for Biology, I noticed that the tray was not entirely devoid of food. In fact, it had a single fry: Ore-Ida wavy Russet potato style. A deep golden color, it shone as a testament to mold and rancid-ness.


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The Future of CD Labeling

The Future of CD Labeling - Make professional style laser-etched optical media labels, right on the CD/DVD. (Thanks, Justin)

Desert Room, Spring Semester Approacheth

My owl by the name of Genevieve was once very white, but the fire sprinklers turned her a rather black/gray color. We have been cleaning her for the past couple of days but ran into problems. You see, we cleaned her tail on the surface, and then hung her upside down to dry. Unfortunately, spots appeared on her head which were a rather odd color of rust. She’s a snowy white owl, and since we figured she would like to stay that way, we cleaned a bit more, soaking her this time. She is now a vibrant shade of white, but looks as if she has just been born. I am sure once she is dry she will be as downy and soft as ever. You’re a trooper, Genevieve.


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Another video in the vein of ‘Star Wars Kid’

Another video in the vein of ‘Star Wars Kid’ - This Dutch kid sings along to the song “Dragostea Din Tei” by Ozone. If you don’t like him, you’ll like the song.

Whole Foods, Half Gender

Yesterday, I saw a cross dresser at Whole Foods. This is the first time in my life I have witnessed such an event/person in person. I hope this does not mean I have led too sheltered of a life. Anyhow, he had shoulder length permed hair, and a goatee. Looking south of there, I noticed what had first caught my unsuspecting eye: a black skirt barely longer than one foot, and varicose-vein legs that had been cleanly shaven. This look was completed with 3 inch (possibly higher?) heels. I wondered how I should react. Ignore? Forget? Open my mind to? My visceral reaction was apprehension. Either way, it was a good experience to have - it helped to cement the fact that they are certainly people with peoplish needs, wants, and dreams (and who need to grocery shop just like we all do) … but I am simply not used to interacting with cross dressers. It was confusing to; would I address them as who they appear to be or who they want to be? What if who they appeared to want to be was not who they wanted to be at all? Confusing, and worth a consideraion, for people in occupations like cashier. All that, and I could smell women’s perfume all the way down the frozen food isle. Let us see what other horizon expanding experiences this coming semester brings. Good luck to all of you.

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