Hibiscus Miniscus (No More Ryhmes)

It took me an eternity to find the Hawaiian bedding I was looking for. Anyhow, for those of you searching for hibiscus print duvet covers with matching shams, I would suggest you check out Dean Miller Surf Bedding for all your surf-themed bedding needs. Perhaps I will get these print-type sheets I passed up in the first place; we threw away one heck of a lot of fire-sprinkler-soaked bedding - the dark colors of it all looked so good on paper, but stunningly bad in my dorm room. But no matter, I get a second shot at it!

Tonight is our first winter “storm,” featuring poor driving conditions encompassing freezing rain, rain, thunder, and snow. This prevented me from doing anything outside of the home. Nevertheless, important things happened inside these four walls, and I am a strong believer in the value of phone lines for staying sane on evenings like these. Cheers to you, modern communication.

One another interesting thing I think I will drop in here and leave out of the “Visits” sidebar is the sixth Harry Potter book. You can read the release from J.K. Rowling here … that’s the text only version, but if you have a fast connection, visit the full version - it’s a very very well designed website.

Happy 2005, the Chinese year of the Green Wood Chicken … or something.

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oh, hawaiian bedding… who are you?!

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