Whole Foods, Half Gender

Yesterday, I saw a cross dresser at Whole Foods. This is the first time in my life I have witnessed such an event/person in person. I hope this does not mean I have led too sheltered of a life. Anyhow, he had shoulder length permed hair, and a goatee. Looking south of there, I noticed what had first caught my unsuspecting eye: a black skirt barely longer than one foot, and varicose-vein legs that had been cleanly shaven. This look was completed with 3 inch (possibly higher?) heels. I wondered how I should react. Ignore? Forget? Open my mind to? My visceral reaction was apprehension. Either way, it was a good experience to have - it helped to cement the fact that they are certainly people with peoplish needs, wants, and dreams (and who need to grocery shop just like we all do) … but I am simply not used to interacting with cross dressers. It was confusing to; would I address them as who they appear to be or who they want to be? What if who they appeared to want to be was not who they wanted to be at all? Confusing, and worth a consideraion, for people in occupations like cashier. All that, and I could smell women’s perfume all the way down the frozen food isle. Let us see what other horizon expanding experiences this coming semester brings. Good luck to all of you.

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May I say the redesign really caught me off guard. When first your page loaded it was un-stylized. After a quick panic and refresh I found a new design that was rather pleasing to the eye. And when it comes to those with Gender Confusion it’s best to take it at face value lest ye be caught up in such confusion.


Me too. Your website appeared very un-stylized when I first headed it’s way. But upon clicking the lovely refresh button I had guessed the reason why. It’s about time this design graced the public’s eye. Very nice work. Oh, and I’m sorry to hear about your unpleasant grocery shopping experience. Can’t make dinner any easier later in the evening.

Richard (Roche)

hey, nicely done on the new design. I love the little rollover pictures. I just can’t figure out what the picture for archives is and it’s bugging the crap out of me. The ripped edhes are cool and the texture in the main body is nice. I’m glad to see you kept the teddy bear around. I have one minor quibble: on the rollovers some of the images are centered and some are aligned left and it bothers me slightly, but i might be the only one it bothers.

Alexander Micek


Thanks for your positive feedback! Re: the top icons, their position is partly aesthetic, and in the case of the Ar-chives, revealing as to what they are. You’ll notice in the stylesheet that the position of the icons is explicitly declared. Not a bug, thankfully! Anyhow, I will look into making them more uniform, but for now they remain. Your attention to detail is appreciated and respected.

Have a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow, Alex


I like the design. It is pretty! The only problem with it is when I dock my AIM buddy list on the side of my screen, it makes me need to scroll left and right to see all of the page. My fault of course! So when I undock it, it is super pretty, not just pretty! Yay for Alex! You know what? I want comments on my page. So you should tell Justin that you will never post again unless he gives me comments! And all the other things he needs to give my site…. It is useless… I need to learn to do all this myself! Ha… Okay, this is getting nice and pointless now. Bye Alex!

Richard (Roche)

“and in the case of the Ar-chives, revealing as to what they are”

aha! I <3 subtleness.

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