The Iron Giant

Nobody ever does this, but I have decided to break my normally strong ties with common sense and reommend a movie before I have seen it. Yes, I want you to see The Iron Giant. Yes, it is animated. No, I am not being paid to recommend this. Yes, drawings can move a person.

You see, it marks the end of an era. Earlier, I wrote about the great days when Disney produced annual animated features films that consistently delivered entertaining plots, classic music, and memorable characters. Following the assumption that they know popular opinion better than the populous does, studios have been moving away from this animated format. Of course, Pixar seems to have filled the “power vacuum” left by animated films, but I still think the old format has a lot to offer. It just has been handed poor ideas and direction in the recent years past.

So, The Iron Giant is not just a very good movie (which I can’t even vouch for yet, which is sad), but it also puts an exclamation point at the tail end of animated films as we know them, instead of letting the genre slide down a slippery slope into oblivion (much as the Rocky movie dynasty did). Sometime soon, I will watch the movie and deliver a better report. In the meantime, I will have to take my own word for it.

What a bizarre recommendation.

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JJ Doughboy

You made me want to go and watch Toy Story, the new age of animation :-). I don’t think Disney did Iron Giant, but maybe I’m wrong… and I’m to lazy to google.

Dante Evans

Meh, I’ve seen it and I think the Lion King is really inspiring. Plus it has Sir Elton John.

If I may say cool comment spam protection system. Does this comments script use a databse? Where can I find the source?

Alexander Micek

Justin - I made you go watch Toy Story? Wow, I didn’t know that! But yes, do watch that movie - you just might beat me to it.

Dante - Thanks for your opinion, the comment spam protection system was written by me for tumbledry, it uses a mySQL database tagged with IP and Unix time, among other things. The source is rather tied to the rest of the tumbledry code base, so it isn’t really available for public use - if it ever is, I’ll let you know though.

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