Too Few Updates, Early Thanksgiving

On Thursday, for some reason I am still not aware of, everyone was smiling at me. It was the oddest thing; everyone from the lunch card swiper to random people on the sidewalk were smiling at me. It was a busy day, I was trying to get all of my scattered physics knowledge to coagulate in time for the exam yesterday. I was happy, but I didn’t feel like I was exuding vibes to cause the positive response around me. Who knows.

Friday brought an excellent exam (I may eat my words on that), and other good things, like finally taking a night off from studying. My keyboard came, and I am really starting to like it. It takes a little getting used to, but once you try these low-profile keyboards, you won’t go back. Here’s a review of the ViewSonic ViewMate keyboard I bought.

Anyhow, we watched Bridget Jones’s Diary and Elf on Saturday, both of which were very good. I had seen bits and pieces of Bridget J.D., but it was quite good to see all together in one movie viewing. Elf far exceeded expecations by being both funny and touching at the same time. Impressive for a holiday movie. Will Ferrell was fantastic as a sugar-addicted eternally optimistic
elf. Santa was perfect as still merry but slightly rough around the edges. The child who played the scrooges’ son (one scrooge or more in every holiday movie) was excellent as well. Furthermore, we had some excellent Jimmy John’s sandwiches, which were extraordinarily tasty. I think I found the answer to my order-in desires. Their sandwiches are unfailingly fresh, tasty, and fast from call to delivery. While angels did not exactly sing upon my consumption of the sandwhich, it was still pretty darn good.

I ate some Thanksgiving (early) turkey (and other fine turkey-day type food) with Mykala and her family on Sunday, which was fanmazing (fanmazing simply is not catching on, I think I will return to fantastic and amazing). It was good to take a break from college, drive up to town censored for privacy, and nervously meet some more of her family. We returned to a wide variety of things to do, from registration, to phone callation, to paperation, but none of it really caused any amount of stress. With this Thanksgiving break coming up, it really is hard to get overwhelmed by anything. Life can’t be bad when it’s 3 days on, 4 days off.

I do not usually do this, but the song of this post is Switchfoot’s “Learning to Breathe.”

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Yes, that is a good song


You hadn’t updated for nearly two weeks and I was worried that you might have died or something. Thank God you haven’t. I rely on this site to add some extra spice to my excessively bland and mediocre life. Thank you for providing this. Keep the updates coming. I will be seeing you this Thanksgiving weekend, that’s an order.

Alexander Micek

John, it’s true it is, as is their “Redemption.” But, you know them better than I. Nils, I will try to live up to your expectations, and frankly my own, and make this site be what it has the potential to be. I am really glad to not be dead, it is a good feeling. I’m hoping for two updates today alone.

See y’all on Wednesday.

Richard Roche

hi Nils. I see i wasn’t the only one going through Tumble Dry withdrawal.


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