A Story, Thanksgiving, Shopping

My sister Katy was waiting to catch the campus connector yesterday, wearing her red purse and red backpack, when she was approached by an elderly women. “We both have red purses” the women commented, quite out of the blue. Rather nonplussed, Katy replied, “Why yes, we do - great minds think alike!” The woman thought for a moment and replied, “Well, I was thinking that I never had a red purse until I was old.” Some random old people give the rest a bad name.

This Thanksgiving was at Dave’s house. I woke up to the smell of sweet potatos in the oven and the phone ringing. Ms. Lind accompanied us and I was really glad she came, considering how many of my family were there … I mean goodness, it had the potential to be an overload. I had cherry pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert - this was a good thing, however I do think I will return to the traditional pumpkin in holidays coming. Light flurries of snow fell as we walked some of our food off; I hope this means we’ll have a white christmas. Later, we all watched Hellboy, which was really much better than I had expected - it used that Indiana Jones formula of serious/adventurous/mythical tempered by humorous lightheartedness. After returning home, I caught up with Steve and John, Matt and Shayla, and Mike at Mike’s house - it’s strange how far away high shool feels; it was good to see that they were all alive, though.

I’m done with somewhere in between 60 and 75% of my holiday shopping, however this final part will require the most thought - can I do it? Can I gift correctly at Christmas? I do not know. I am pretty sure that something will come to me in the middle of a Physics test, while sitting at the piano, or while doing chin ups. With luck, that something will be Something.

Finally, my current embarrassing top-40 favorite song is by Jesse McCartney, a likely one hit wonder. The name of the song is “Beautiful Soul.” I know it’s formulamatic and mass-produced, but I am occasionally still a sucker for songs like these. Have a good holiday, everyone.

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Boopers Josephine Lind

Jesse McCartney is beautiful and I love him.

Alexander Micek

I second your assertion.

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