First Ballet

Friday saw me seeing my first Ballet (The Nutcracker, which is a good first, I think). The overall experience tended more towards vignettes than I would have originally thought, but I think this worked very well. Miss K(B)J Lind (I just invented that name code) performed flawlessly: I think dancing with the Moscow Ballet would be an incredible experience. In an analagous situation (me playing in an internationally known orchestra), I would have fainted.

Earlier in the day, I saw National Treasure, which I recommend to everyone reading - it was funny, fast paced, and incorporated some of that “old Egyptian treasure” theme I always like in my movies. I wish someone would make a movie centered around the building of the great pyramids at Giza - those things must have looked so cool when first completed. There’s my art history talking again.

Today, it is snowing for the first time this season. The flakes are those big wet ones that fall early in the snow season, perfect snowball snow if there were more of it. Though, there is some lovely white accumulation on the ground; I think we will have a White Christmas this year.

I would like to make a snowman.

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Thanks for typing about my baby sister, and for using a code name so the Moscow authorities cannot track her down. She is awesome, it is true. Glad you could join us for her ballet extravaganza! As for the snowman construction… I’m in.

Alexander Micek

Those Moscow authorities sure are pesky sometimes. We’ll have to wait for snowfall Number 2, but I am sure that snowman construction is imminent.

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