Hey Ess,

It was your first snow today. You aren’t really at that point where you can go outside and romp in it, but your mom told you all about it. I think you sense the way the light bounces around outside is different these days, and I think it means something to your growing consciousness.

We miss you when you nap, and linger over your every coo when you are awake. When you are sad, so are we, and when you laugh, we laugh along, with tears mixed in.

Sorry I had to go to work today; sometimes moms and dads have to be gone, but it is never for long and it is never without a good reason. We’ll always be there.


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Alexander Micek

And, your first Christmas movie this evening. “Elf”. You’ll see more of it next year.

Alexander Micek

And then last night, you laughed with (at?) us. Laughed! I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard you laugh. So, we were changing you before your bedtime, and you thought that was just the funniest thing. It was absolutely adorable.

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