15 pounds

Hey there Ess,

You found your feet a few days ago. One day you had no idea they were there, and the next, there they were! When we change your diaper, you grab hold of them with a very satisfied look on your face. You also now prefer to take your leisure time in a standing position rather than a lying one. You’ve got a contraption for that: a fabric seat that your legs poke through allowing your feet to push against a sprung board. The entire thing is supported by three legs and a sort of table top strewn with your toys. We call it your circle desk. It’s where you get your work done.

Oh, you face out in the Baby Björn now, too. That is adorable. We walk up to a mirror and you immediately break out in a grin. You are stingy with your laughs, but you smile pretty readily now. I guess you just have a sophisticated sense of humor.

You are creeping up on 15 pounds, and you are getting nice and sturdy. It puts your first-time mom and dad at ease, seeing how well you hold your neck up now.

Love you,

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