Less stuff

I am realizing that I don’t like stuff. Not in a little way, but in a really big way. Having ATVs or a boat sounds like the most awful thing: gas, insurance paperwork, maintenance records, towing trailers… just… yuck. I love to donate things, throw things away, recycle, get rid of worn clothes, throw out stuff I no longer use, and get rid of broken stuff. See, my brain has a tendency to track everything single thing we own and when we get rid of something, it makes that mental list shorter. That’s partly why I want a document scanner. I have giant boxes of school paperwork (literally like over 40 pounds of school papers) that is valuable but unsearchable. Pounds of organized (paid) bills. If I scan all this, it takes up zero space, I recycle of bunch of papers, and all that information is searchable thanks to the magic of optical character recognition.

I think I’ll go throw something out right now.

And keep saving for that Fujitsu ScanSnap.

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