Tumbledry 1.0

And here we are. A brand new design for a… well it was going to be “for a new year”, but that didn’t work out so well. Anyhow, I’ll be squashing software bugs and refining things over the next few days.

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Mrs. Alex +1

Hooray! Finally!

Richard Roche +1

Nice! I like the minimal vibe. Very clean and readable, and the menu in the description is a nice touch.

Alexander Micek

Thanks, Richard. Mykala’s been putting up with me coding away on this for months, so I think we’re BOTH happy to finally share it. I always appreciate your feedback, since you’ve a formal education at this stuff, and I’m just kinda flailing about pretending to do design! Also, we checked out your website — that’s really cool that your logo for the dental office got made into a big sign!

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