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Tumbledry 1.0

And here we are. A brand new design for a… well it was going to be “for a new year”, but that didn’t work out so well. Anyhow, I’ll be squashing software bugs and refining things over the next few days.

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Tumbledry Teaser

The following image is a teaser for the new tumbledry. It was cropped from the top right of the new design.


The actual new tumbledry is decidedly less bovine than this image might indicate.

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Reaching higher

Dustin Curtis writes about improvement:

When I first started designing as a hobby, I hated everything I made. I knew it was terrible, and no matter how hard I tried, I could never make it good enough for myself. But I didn’t give up, and after a while something clicked. I started to sort of like my work. But I am still not satisfied; every day I reach higher, trying to grasp the level of awesomeness that I can feel but can’t recreate.


Mail Chimp Logo

Jon Hicks: you may know him as the man who designed the Firefox logo/brand. After seeing that and other fun, creatively brilliant solutions he’s come up with, I’d call him the best branding man online. Amazing stuff. Take a look at his latest:


Parking Garage Signage

Axel Peemoeller designed the signs for a parking garage in Melbourne. What’s so special about that? Well, he won multiple international design awards. This was his solution:



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New tumbledry

I’ve been working on this version of tumbledry since January of this year — there were times I never thought it would be finished — and yet, we’re almost there now. During the next few days, there will be a short beta period in which I will add a few features and iron out any remaining kinks; leave comments here with your thoughts.


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Obama Poster

Attention Richard Roche. Please come to think tumbledry link desk. ISO50 - The Visual Work of Scott Hansen — ISO50 Obama Print Out Now == mega awesome graphic design. I love the palette, typography, and the perfect little pieces of text at the bottom.


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Pioneer Press Redesign

Charles Apple provides great before and after comparisons between the old and new Saint Paul Pioneer Press designs. I could live with the Myriad (har) of typefaces used in the new design, if only they didn’t use the face Stainless. That one is driving be absolutely batty. Every time I look at it, I’m thinking Star-Trek type computer screen displays; it’s too sharp and computer-like.


Asti Cinzano

Asti Cinzano



Christmas gift from Mykala! Love this one. More pictures of these when they are on the wall

Before you were born

Coudal Partners’ Layer Tennis | Week 6, Volley 3 could be called “Before you were born.” It’s phenomenal that it was put together in 15 minutes — be sure to check out the rest of that layer tennis match, it’s the best week thus far. You can also visit Marian Bantjes’s Website for more.

Layer Tennis

Every Friday afternoon this fall is another round of layer tennis — it’s an online game played live where two designers face off against one another; each receives 15 minutes per volley to riff off the other’s image. The game takes the pace of design and increases it by a coupla (sic for humor) orders of magnitude, giving spectators the option to watch the creative process unfold within the minds of two talented artists. Humor, beauty, and speed combine for a truly unique experience. Playing today is a man named Chuck Anderson, who has a vivacious, one-of-a-kind style… here’s a short bio by Jason Kottke:



Flat out, without a doubt, straight up, indubitably gorgeous letter pressed wedding invitations are produced right here in Minneapolis, MN by Armato Design. Watch their quick video (the one labeled “2 color job”) of the printing process, complete with fun music from the movie Amélie (the song’s called “La Noyee”). If you would like to buy some of their work straight away, Armato’s on etsy, too: http://armatodesign.etsy.com.

Linkin Park Font

Linkin Park’s newest album Minutes to Midnight has what I consider to be almost perfect cover art. The band is presented in a graphically strong yet photographically interesting way and there is an absolutely stunning logotype set above their heads. Said logotype is constructed from a relentlessly powerful typeface, with a treatment reminiscent of the famous Metallica logo. It actually looks like the Metallica logo grew up, matured, got a job, and combed its hair but still has a solid core of attitude and rock.


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CSS Centering

Give tumbledry the ol’ hard refresh, and you’ll find the newest, very centered, version of the layout. 50% of the people I’ve surveyed love it this way! That’s one out of two!

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Target Pharmacy

Target Pharmacy - Amazing labeling system for pharmaceuticals that Target rolled out a couple of years ago. Also, I haven’t been able to find it, but they have this fantastic logo for their pharmacy that looks like a pill, and the little specs in one side are tiny Target logos. I thought it was really eye catching, both from far away and up close.

Oven Design

Oven Design

Business Cards That Don’t Stink

I know what you’re thinking, “Hey Alex, how do I get business cards that don’t stink?” Well, first you’ll want to design them in Photoshop, using a high DPI (300 or so), preferably in a vector format, should you want to resize that beautiful logo you just made for your burgeoning business. Now, I can’t make vector art (I haven’t had the time to learn), so you can get away with a 300 DPI version of whatever your logo is. I cheat a bit and use elements of type combined in a novel way to generate my logo, which makes it “vector” in a way. However, the “wicked worn look” has to be redone at each resolution. Anyways.


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Improving the 2012 Olympic’s logo

Improving the 2012 Olympic’s logo - One look at the London Olympics logo, and you’ll understand why it could use some improving. This little summary showcases an idea that combines the visual identity of the Royal Air Force with that of the ubiquitous olympic rings. It won’t be used, but it’s brilliant.