Spring Snow

A few days ago, they had some record cold up in northern Minnesota. In late April — coldest day on record — something like 28°F for the high. This morning, I was taking out the trash (had to get the place looking presentable for our plumber visit), and it was SNOWING! On May 2nd!

Now, about that plumber. A few days ago, the tub stopped draining. It didn’t just drain slowly. No no no. We’d turn on the sink, and then water would start coming UP from the tub drain. Water that looked like it was half soil and half water. Mykala was concerned that we might have tree roots growing through the pipes. Thankfully, our landlord Mary Alice (who is always so extremely thoughtful and responsive, it makes me feel that we’ve won the rental lottery) got the plumber to stop by. Turns out there was a clogged drum trap (which, I guess, are typical for old tubs). Plumber recommended not messing with it, unless Mary Alice was interested in re-plumbing the entire house.

What adventures await Mykala and I when we jump into our first home. I envision me standing ankle deep in water in the basement screaming “I WAS JUST TRYING TO CHANGE THE WATER SOFTENER FLOW” and Mykala laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. She’s my instant perspective.

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