Stuff from May, 2011

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on May, 2011.

Easter Eggs

We dyed easter eggs a week late this year. Mykala hard boiled them, and we had to dye them before they went bad. We’re sort of slow to get things like that done. BUT, even though she got back from work at 11pm, I have to give my wife credit: she was just as enthusiastic about dying eggs as I was. A note to my future self: dying brown eggs does NOT turn out well. The final color of the blue-died brown egg was… well not very appetizing. It looked sort of like a dirty football.

Quality Time

I just read “Electronic Devices Redefine Quality Family Time” at the New York Times. Mykala sent it to me.

When people are sitting in their living room, physically close to one another but absorbed with the goings-ons on different screens, the “parallel planes of existence” idea doesn’t seem so bad… kind of like reading the paper and occasionally looking up to discuss what you article you are reading — that is, they’re not entirely parallel planes… they do intersect.


Spring Snow

A few days ago, they had some record cold up in northern Minnesota. In late April — coldest day on record — something like 28°F for the high. This morning, I was taking out the trash (had to get the place looking presentable for our plumber visit), and it was SNOWING! On May 2nd!


Derek Miller

I last wrote about Derek Miller almost 4 years ago, remarking on his engaging writing and courageousness in facing stage 4 cancer. Yesterday, he died. Suddenly, that is his last post, put online by his family, in stark black and white.


Tumbledry 1.0

And here we are. A brand new design for a… well it was going to be “for a new year”, but that didn’t work out so well. Anyhow, I’ll be squashing software bugs and refining things over the next few days.

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The May 16 New Yorker has John Seabrook’s latest article “Pepsi’s mission to make their offerings healthier”, which takes some time to enumerate recommendations on daily diet that have been lobbied away by the food industry. Regarding sugar:


Vacation Weather

Guess which day my vacation ends.


Go on, guess.

Screw Hashbangs: Building the Ultimate Infinite Scroll

I’m just a student in a field unrelated to computer science, but I’ve been coding for years as a hobby. So, when I saw the current state of infinite scroll, I thought perhaps I could do something to improve it. I’d like to share what I came up with.


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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Spring came earlier in 2010; I’m finally getting around to uploading the pictures I took from then.

Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

Spring Ground Cover

Spring Ground Cover

Purple Spring Flowers

Purple Spring Flowers

Pink & Purple Spring Flowers

Pink & Purple Spring Flowers

Tulips in Spring

Tulips in Spring

Sunset Tulips

Sunset Tulips





I can’t believe that this was over a year ago. And yet, here I am, catching up on posting pictures and writing about this just now. Here’s what I wrote on Jónsi’s website about this concert:

This show completely blew me away! I expected seeing Jonsi live to be one of the greatest shows I’ve seen and I was still left without words. The drummer was amazing and the show was terrifyingly beautiful. I won’t forget this show. Takk!


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Porch Portrait

Porch Portrait

I can’t remember where we were leaving to, or if we were arriving from somewhere, but I thought it might be good idea to get a nice portrait of us in front of our first house (duplex). You can see that I am holding the remote to the camera in my right hand. I am holding the love of my life in my left.



We hiked the bluffs at Barn Bluff Park in Red Wing during a random weekend outing.



We celebrated our very first anniversary at the Round Barn Farm in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Mykala is demonstrating the rope swing on the idyllic, perfectly groomed grounds.



An old shed at the Round Barn Farm.

Round Barn

Round Barn

This is the original Round Barn, namesake of the farm we stayed at.

Mykala, Basket, Trellis

Mykala, Basket, Trellis

Mykala is holding a gift basket sent by her sister, Kourtni. This is looking east from Round Barn Farm.

Spring Roll

Spring Roll

Mykala made some delicious spring rolls. As a food model, I have a very VERY long way to go. I don’t think an intense look, grimacing, open maw, and shaggy hair do much to help a food product. Despite all that, it still looks delicious.

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Preview Show

Preview Show

I’d like to talk about something called Twin Cities Dance Collaborative (TCDC). It was an organization that was 100% Mykala’s idea, an organization whose goal was to assemble a dance company in reaction to the competition dance scene. You see, competition dance drives the schedules, choreography, stylistic choices, and revenue of a majority of dance studios. Students pay for the privilege of being judged on their dancing ability. They pay for costumes. They pay for choreography. (By they, I mean their parents.) They compare themselves to their peers.




That kid has got ups. Wait, that’s basketball. Not sure how to express that idea in dance terminology.

Das Rheingold

Das Rheingold

Indian Summer Sunset

Indian Summer Sunset

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Longfellow Gardens

Longfellow Gardens

A lovely part of Minnehaha Park.

Apple Farm Popcorn

Apple Farm Popcorn

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Steve & Jenna

Steve & Jenna

Dollar Dance

Dollar Dance

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Coney Island Style

Coney Island Style

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Celery Man

Celery Man



We walked to the local café and watched the snow fall and the cars get stuck in it.

Before GV Black Tie

Before GV Black Tie

Before leaving for GV Black Tie, the dental school formal. We tried the alcohol-caffeine bomb Four Loko that night — I do NOT recommend it.

Black and White Brownies

Black and White Brownies

My wife baked some AWESOME brownies, so we thought we’d try our hand at some food photography.