The great thing about the internet (and in this case, twitter) is that it gives folks with grievances a voice. Sometimes a very potent voice:

I’ve read a bunch of articles and blogs about this whole situation by publicists and marketing folk wondering what BP should do to save their brand from @BPGlobalPR.  First of all, who cares?  Second of all, what kind of business are you in?  I’m trashing a company that is literally trashing the ocean, and these idiots are trying to figure out how to protect that company?  One pickledick actually suggested that BP approach me and try to incorporate me into their actual PR outreach.  That has got to be the dumbest, most head-up-the-ass solution anyone could possibly offer.

That’s from the author of the @BPGlobalPR twitter feed, describing the reaction to his sarcastic, humorous, accidentally-grassroots campaign to criticize BP and to raise money for the Gulf cause. You can buy some appropriately sarcastic / humorous / fund-raisingy t-shirts here.

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