Red Wing

Mykala recorded this one for me a while ago. It’s a comment I made while we were navigating (as we often do): “Goog 411 + GPS = Poor man’s iPhone.”

Anyhow, I think we’re really getting good at navigating… which is to say, we’re getting good at working together. On a whim, we took a day trip to Red Wing this past Sunday, and it was a blast. We took a hike, scouted out some things to do if we visit for a weekend (historical train and boat tour and etc.), admired a wonderful “Bed & Breakfast & Bread” placed called Round Barn Farm, and generally had a blast. The weather was threatening to rain, but was otherwise perfect in temperature. Here’s a picture from the top of Barn Bluff:


Happiness research indicates that looking forward to small trips regularly has a more profound effect on your happiness than looking forward to one big trip infrequently. My limited, unscientific experience with this seems to agree. In keeping with this idea, we attended the Prospect Park Ice Cream Social last Friday, June 4. In our neighborhood, there’s an old 1950s water tower atop the highest point in Minneapolis. It’s no longer a water tower, but it is in a very nice park in the neighborhood. For the Ice Cream social, it was open for people to climb the tower and see the sights. The view is amazing. Here’s Mykala:


And here I am:


Because the ice cream social event was written up in the Star Tribune, there were TONS of people there — we waited for 30 minutes until getting to climb the tower. The line had ballooned to an hour-plus by the time we left. The wait was worth it.

Brief Notes Nearby