Tampon Advertising

I like the Guardian (and other newspapers) because they don’t censor swear words. Check out how great that makes the quote in a quote from the article “Tampon-makers can’t mention the V-word. Period. | Richard Adams”:

For years, advertising for tampons and “sanitary products” have been shrouded in nebulous euphemism. So what happens when a US tampon-maker drops the coy messaging and goes straight for the jugular (so to speak)? Its ad gets banned by the major US television networks for mentioning the word vagina.

Even when the company substituted “down there” for vagina, two of the networks still wouldn’t run the ad, so the company was forced to drop the idea altogether. That provoked Amanda Hess, author of The Sexist blog, to observe: “Now, the commercial contains no direct references to female genitalia – you know, the place where the fucking tampon goes.”

Thanks to Mykala for noticing the original article in the New York Times. Thanks to Apple for making an amazing computer on which I can write (great keyboard!). Thanks to my eyes for reading the article. And thanks to my local coal-fired power station (with some contribution from nuclear, Dan) for providing the electricity necessary to make this post happen.

Thank you! Thank you!

*confetti from the ceiling*

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Dan McKeown

That commercial is brilliant. I have shared it around my office and the women all appreciate it.

Also, Nuclear Dan would be a sweet nickname.

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