Haircut 2010

I ended up growing out my hair for about nine months between June of 2009 and March of 2010. I’ve only a picture of my hair 8 months into the growth… it shows my hair just before it got so long that I couldn’t do much of anything useful (including see through it):


I said that I would cut my hair when I passed boards… and then I just… didn’t cut it. Just kept having things come up, like sleep and homework and life. Finally, FINALLY, I got an appointment to get it cut. The results:


So that’s my haircut! Additionally, here is my haircut with Mykala’s bra on top of it:


And that’s the story of my first haircut as a married man.

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Dan McKeown

Thank you for the third picture. That really brought the whole post together.

Should have gone with a mo-hawk…

Alexander Micek

Is it hard to fashion bras into mo-hawks?

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