The British company “albam” doesn’t use Chinese manufacturers to make its high quality clothing:

We are an independent company so we can listen to you. We develop and produce our clothes in the UK because we think the extra cost is worth the great quality. If we don’t make a line in the UK it is because we haven’t found a quality high enough to hang our hat on.

As someone told us “it doesn’t have to be radically different, just a lot better”, well we are sticking by this.

Check out their jeans to get an idea of what their products are all about. Impressive company — a bit like a high-end American Apparel, but without a deviant bastard piece of crap for a CEO.

P.S. I still think American Apparel makes quality clothes.

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No one in their right mind would ever buy a pair of jeans for 150 dollars unless they have an enormous salary or trust fund. I will stick to 30 dollar jeans or less on the discount racks.

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