Unbelievable old school remixed dancing

Unbelievable old school remixed dancing - They took old footage and put it to new music. This is incredible dancing - someone teach me.

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John T F Larson

That link talks about the "eery syncups" between the music and the dancing and I remembered something similar to that when I took a psychology class in high school. There is a phemonenon that I think is called visual capture, where your brain will associate sounds with what you are currently seeing. This is the reason why so many people think that Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album was directed to sync up with "The Wizard of Oz." It turns out that Britney Spear's "Oops, I did it again" syncs up with the movie "Metropolis" which was released in 1927. Just for the heck of it, I watched the old school dancing video with Santana's "Adouma" playing in the background, and they synced up really well.


I have two things to comment on with this link. One, the video was great, those guys got skills to pay the bills. Two, on a bigger note, there was a lot of Norwegian references on that site. A link to a website ending in ".no" which is the Norwegian ".com", and then what's more is that if you look below the video, ANOTHER NILS commented on the video (Nils is an uber Norwegian name) and to add even more Norwegian-ness to the mix, this other Nils has a strong resemblance to the Norwegian musician named Sondre Lerche (who makes awesome music, dowload some now). Are these signs of some kind? What does it all mean?

Alexander Micek

This visual capture idea explains why, when I dance, it gives the illusion that I have rhythm and am dancing to the music, rather than the reality of the situation, which is I am flailing about completely at random.

Speaking of psychology, my linking to Norwegian-centric items represents my latent desire for Nils to return home soon.

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