Stuff from September, 2004

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on September, 2004.

Congress and the Semantic Web

Congress and the Semantic Web - Paul Ford is a genius.

Fragmented, Catching Up

I would have a hard time saying things could get much better right now. Of course, not all is right, but enough is to merit the previous assertion. My biochem major, if a bit packed in certain semesters - will work in a total of four years. Dental school, here I come (three years from now). Watch out world. Hold on to your teeth.


Man vs. Door

Man vs. Door

Epic Gif

Epic Gif - By a program called Easy Toon. (via Matt)

Beauty and the Beast Cover Art

Beauty and the Beast Cover Art - Drew Struzan has some amazing artwork for movies, pop culture, etc. Check out the latest art for the re-release of the Shawshank Redemption.

Because Sometimes Black and White Will Not Cut It

John made it obvious to me: I’ve been walking around with my arms held out in front of me like a zombie, missing everything that is obvious and letting my infinite reserves of worry take over. If I were a computer program, my source code would read as follows:

include alexBrain;
include alexPersonality;
include alexExterior;
play(pianoMusic) where timesPerDay = 1;
sleep == false;


About Me

When it comes to my hair, less is more. The complications in maintenance that arise as a result of this mantra are numerous. For one, my bank account does not work the same way. More is, in fact, more, there. Therefore, haircuts have a negative effect on it. Oh, and less hair means your head is cold in cold weather. Even if you let the hair on your head grow out, it is still expensive. Take your face: electric shaving is cheaper than blade style, but you lose self-respect when you go electric. Who knows.


LOTR Nazgul Armor

LOTR Nazgul Armor - Unbelievably realistic reproduction of LOTR armor.

Mice nibble at cutting edge

Mice nibble at cutting edge - New mice, 20 times the precision.

Katy’s Ailments

It has been just over one week since Katy’s clothes started fire and caused her first, second, and perhaps third degree burns across her right torso. When I first got the voicemail, all I could say was “she doesn’t need this …” Obviously, nobody does, but I wonder why an event like this would have to occur during her adjustment to graduate school. Nevertheless, Katy is very very tough and I know she’ll pull through just fine. I do not think I would do a very good job changing the bandages that have to be rewrapped daily. Perhaps it is best told in a few of her own words:


Hacking Around in AIM (Changing Core Colors, Icons)

I finally changed AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) to look the way I want it to. Anyone who uses AIM for Windows knows that they are locked into the appearance. The jarring yellow icons and similarly colored highlights are the only option. While one can download add on software (such as AIMutation), there are more elegant and less invasive ways to change the appearance. You see, all I wanted to do was change the awful highlights. My success inspired me to go further and change some icons as well.


Death Cab for Cutie in the Twin Cities

Death Cab for Cutie in the Twin Cities - Sat, Oct 16, 2004 5:30pm, First Avenue, Minneapolis.

DDR Extreme

A week or something ago (time is fuzzy lately), John hosted a great DDR Extreme party in which we all got together and played the new game. I am rusty since last year, but it felt good to play just a bit. Ping pong, pizza, dancing, sweating, laughing, they all came together for an excellent Friday night. I owe Mykala quite a bit, she gave me a ride there, and stayed to play. She played! DDR! That was, suffice to say, really cool.


Drake Equation

Drake Equation - Estimates the number of “communicating civilizations in the Milky Way” in a really interesting, interactive way.

Beautiful Anecdote from Paul Ford

Beautiful Anecdote from Paul Ford

Steve Burns

Steve Burns - Yes, the guy who hosted Blue’s Clues. He has an album out now. Not bad.

Election Debate Rules

Election Debate Rules - It would be cool if they could box.