Hearts player finds the zone good for something

Despite the drawback for FP shooters, zone.com is great for gaming

Not long ago I decided to take up playing hearts on the zone occasionally. I had come to the conclusion that the zone was way to slow to keep up with the 40,000+ users that are usually online. Granted, it does have trouble dealing with the highly graphical first person shooters. But, within 10 minutes I was playing hearts with essentially no lag. People are friendly at the hearts section of the site and I didn’t see any swearing. Other parts of the zone are more rowdy; like the first person shooter rooms, but my experience was one of a relaxed environment and no worrys about modem speed; just a friendly game. The zone also give you room to get better; there are competitive rooms and there is always, always somebody that is better than you are. The zone gives me a friendly environment to get better at hearts in; that is when I am not chatting or writing these updates. =-)

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