The New Millennium is here! (But is it really?)

Thoughts about the new millennium

Hope all of you had a safe and happy new millennium! I had a good time at home with family. Watching the ball drop in New York was really boring. It was the first time I had actually seen it drop and I was under the assumption that it was a free fall drop. I thought that they would release the ball and let gravity take over. Oh well; the Thames fireworks were incredible. Officials wanted the river to look like it was on fire with red, and I think they succeeded. In addition to that there was France with the 10 huge decorative ferris wheels and the Eiffel tower thing was incredible. It took a group of mountain climbers three months to get all the fireworks up there. The Eiffel tower looked like it was going to blow up. Pretty cool. Just a little FYI for those of you who don’t know; it isn’t really the new millenium. There was no year 0 so the real new millennium occurs on New Years 2001. One year to go. Overall we had a calm millenium (no Y2K problems) and I think Europe beat us out on the festivities.

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