Need some advanced programming help?

Dotcomma.org is a good tutorial site

Do you need help in advanced or beginner programming techniques? Or do you have a tutorial that you would like publicized? dotcomma.org is an excellent and growing site updated almost daily. Its creators and contributors are some of the best web people out there like Adam Berlinsky-Schine creator of Dimension TI and Nick Disabato major contributor to ticalc.org. These are some big names and if you don’t believe me, check out the sites that they started at. Dotcomma stands for the dot and the comma that make up a semi-colon; the semi-colon is very important in almost all programming languages. This site offers tutorials under the following programming languages; C/C++, CGI, ASM, Perl, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Visual Anything, PHP, ASP, databases, and source code. This site was started in September of 1999 and has grown quite steadily since then, I am impressed both with the design and with the tools available that allow the user to search for keywords and specific tutorials. The site organization was well thought out and gives plenty of room for expansion. I think a little more publicity combined with a steady increase in tutorial count will cause dotcomma’s traffic to skyrocket.

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