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Apple Watch’s Wrist Position

Historically, watches have had very little information to offer, and essentially zero interaction. It used to be, after a watch was set to the correct time, there was no button pressing, scrolling, or reading to do*, only glances to see the time, each lasting a fraction of a second. With the introduction of Apple Watch this year, there will be a vast increase in the pressing, scrolling, and reading done on watches. To accomodate, people may chose to wear this device differently than their old watches: on the inside of their wrist. Let’s work through the anatomical reasons for this.


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Keeping Time

Lost my watch from Mykala a couple days ago. Kept thinking it would pop up some place I hadn’t looked or hadn’t thought of. I checked my gym bag 15 times, and went through my backpack at least that many. The bizarre thing was, the links on the watch make a very distinct sound when you move them — much like a muffled version of the “tink” produced when a bead falls down a rain stick. What I mean is, it’s a difficult sound to mistake for something else.


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A neat circular watch!

A neat circular watch! - From Alessi watches. I really like the simplicity here. Old-fashioned as it may be, I still dig timepieces as art and fashion rather than outdated accouterments.



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New, Improved

New, Improved

Mykala’s christmas present to me is wonderful!

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Watch This

Watch This

My watch: a little rough around the edges, but it gets me where I need to go.

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