Keeping Time

Lost my watch from Mykala a couple days ago. Kept thinking it would pop up some place I hadn’t looked or hadn’t thought of. I checked my gym bag 15 times, and went through my backpack at least that many. The bizarre thing was, the links on the watch make a very distinct sound when you move them — much like a muffled version of the “tink” produced when a bead falls down a rain stick. What I mean is, it’s a difficult sound to mistake for something else.

So, every time I moved my backpack, I’d hear something I could swear was the watch. I’d checked all the pockets, though! It simply wasn’t in them. At the end of work today, however, I found out the deep fold between the two parts of the bag had trapped the watch and hid it from view for days. Hurrah! It could have fallen out at any time, but it hadn’t. Now, I had a watch, and (most importantly), I didn’t have to tell Mykala I’d lost her gift to me.

In my mind (dull from 8 hours of work) the vague beginnings of a simile attempted to coalesce into a coherent comparison. However, the binary joys of completing another day of work and finding the timepiece overshadowed the effort. So, dear reader, I leave it to you to compare some moments in life with “something you can sometimes hear (and think is there) but can’t quite find.”

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Once in a while a purse will get a hole in the lining. So I hear lots of change, and the purse feels heavy but I just don’t know where it’s coming from! But eventually, after many days, I realize that there is a hole.


Yes. Like my boyfriend.

Dan McKeown

Alex has a hole in him?



He is:”something you can sometimes hear (and think is there) but can’t quite find.”

Lol. We have had trouble with conflicting schedules lately.

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