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Dr. Katz

From my course eval of Dr. Katz’s Physiology course:

Perhaps I will have instructors who rival Dr. Katz’s wit, knowledge, and personality, but I sincerely doubt I will have the privilege of learning from another professor who is capable of teaching as well as he is. Initially, I couldn’t figure out why physiology came so easily in this course, and then I realized it was because Dr. Katz was teaching the material not presenting it. Normally, I spend my days watching endless parades of powerpoint slides — I am talked at over the slides and then expected to regurgitate the information through rote memory. Some of my peers have expressed a preference for this type of classroom experience, but it drives me crazy. Actually learning and understanding material (as I did due to Dr. Katz’s lectures) made the topics more interesting, relevant, and memorable. Everything Dr. Katz did, from his jokes to his illustrations, was done with one purpose — so his students could learn.

Thanks, Dr. Katz.

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Semester End

I am now officially a D2. Physiology final grade == A! Now off to taste wedding entrées with my lovely fiancée. Tonight, Legally Blonde the Musical. Tomorrow, more things!

Originally, I said “Tomorrow, the world”, but I’m trying to avoid clichéd language in my writing. Good luck with that. See what I did there?

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Dr. Katz

Here are some selected quotes from literally the best professor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Dr. Katz could teach p-chem to third graders.

“I’ve seen your schedule — it’s incredible. You guys are really, really busy. Me, I just sit around all day and blow bubbles and come in here occasionally to talk to you.”


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