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Celebrated Vanessa’s 2nd 29th birthday yesterday. It was good to see the Ruperts, and even though their daughter Elli wasn’t there, I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up! I think my peers and I are entering a part of our lives when things become a childful blur.


First Job

Hi kids,

You probably won’t like your first job very much. My first job was at 3M and its only saving grace was that I met a truly great guy named Chris Rupert. Lacking a car, I was taking extremely long bus trips to work and he was nice enough to give me a ride—he’s one of those people who help out, expecting no overblown credit or glory in return. Just a super nice, stand-up guy. I’m lucky to know him. That’s sort of it from that job, though. I’ll be honest, I did a fair amount of sleeping—3M is where I first learned to sleep sitting up. I’d wear my glasses in the morning, and arrive in the empty, recently sold-off Pharm portion of the 3M building. In a nearly-empty farm of cubicles I’d turn on my computer and then… sleep for about an hour. After that I’d go to the bathroom, put in my contacts, and start my day. During the long afternoons, I taught myself object-oriented programming and wrote large chunks of the software behind this website. None of this, not the sleeping, not the programming, was in any way related to my job. But, I learned the ins and outs of corporate email (send a lot of it, be unnecessarily verbose, CC liberally) and the pure, unabashed joy with which folks greeted “free cake in the breakroom.”



Exciting things happening today, mainly involving redoing stuff that we didn’t get to do on their actual holiday dates:


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Eddie Izzard Running

Eddie Izzard, the best comedian I’d never heard of until Chris introduced me, is running about 1,000 miles to raise money for a charity:

Izzard, 47, together with a tour manager, a sports therapist and the ice-cream van, left Trafalgar Square on July 26 after a snap decision — “all decisions are snap, aren’t they? You can’t have a bendy decision” — to run 30 miles a day in as many days around the country. The effort is for Sport Relief, the fundraising initiative by Comic Relief and BBC Sport.


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Bachelor Party

Just returned from a wonderful night out (aka bachelor party) with my great friends Matt, Steve, John, Nils, Dan, Ryan, and Chris! We went to a great place in Maple Grove called Dave & Buster’s — featuring food, bar, and full gaming area. I came home with the prizes from the night — Gophers fan hand, Dave & Buster’s novelty soccer ball, and poker chips + cards + box! Awesome! So, it was exactly the kind of night I had in mind — nobody puked, nobody was naked, and everybody will be able to get into work tomorrow! I need to get out with these guys more often.


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Bat swinging

A bit on Moving Apartments and the End of the Semester ‘09 soon. In the meantime:

Attn Rupert. Chris Rupert. Josh Womack’s crazy bat skills at Long Beach Armada 2009 Training Camp:

Womack’s ability to swing the bat around and catch it again are only surpassed by his sharp wit. After he realized camp had stopped down to watch him, pitcher Jose Lima yelled out “nice pants!” to which Womack replies “Nice face.” ZING! Should be a great season.


Rupert Dentistry

To give us a sense of treating actual patients in our preclinical prosthodontics course, we are asked to give our cases names and stories. I borrow from real life. So, my first patient’s name last semester was Chris Rupert. He needed crowns on #30, #8, and #12 due to a baseball brawl. I’m waiting back on the lab for a full gold crown on #30, a porcelain fused to metal on #12, and a full porcelain for #8. I’ve got a bunch of casts labelled “CR.”


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I’d like to do a catch-up dinner with you all. I’m thinking the weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. So, something like the 16th of January, we could all go out to dinner somewhere… hence the McRupekoeclapespe moniker for this post. Naturally, all others who I wasn’t able to wedge into the catchy name are absolutely invited. RSVP* here with regrets, suggestions, and acceptances. It will be awesome.


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First Dance

First Dance

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Chris + Plane 3

Chris + Plane 3

Another look at the ultra-colorful ridiculous plane.

Chris + Plane 2

Chris + Plane 2

Chris launching the ultra-colorful ridiculous plane.

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Chris + Plane 1

Chris + Plane 1

Chris launching his special miniature plane (good flier, very pointy).

Casa de Rupert

Casa de Rupert

My sketch of my Chris’s future. It has since been revised, but this is the general outline.

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