Casa de Rupert

Casa de Rupert

My sketch of my Chris’s future. It has since been revised, but this is the general outline.

Lens at 50mm, ISO 400, ƒ/2.8, 1/160s
Snapped Mar 28, 2008 at 11:34am

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Yay chocolate chip cookies!!

Alexander Micek

But not until Chris finished those gutters.

Also: this is a slightly older version of the house; the garage addition has since been cleaned up and the sprinkler now produces blue instead of black water. I’m excited about the sweat equity going into the place.




I would think that Vanessa would think that I’m her Chris, but I’ll be your Chris as well!

Alexander Micek

Haha, I meant to write “my coworker Chris’s”, but then I got distracted by the double ‘s’ and if it should be Chris’ — which, I think it shouldn’t be, so I wrote “Chris’s.”