Called Mykala today over my lunch hour and the phone picked up, but instead of Mykala, I got: “bahbuhdee BAH… buhdee… Dada. DAHDAH.” My heart felt like it was going to melt.

To translate: Ess has a book that she reads with Nannie about hedgehogs, and they go to the playground. On one page the hedgehogs go swinging, they go back and forth. Nannie rocks Essie back and forth for this page, and Ess loves it so much that she has begun to do it on her own and when something, anything resembling a pendulum, is swinging, she says BAH buhdee. I’ll try to catch a video of it. Try.

So we tried a Facetime chat, and Ess went “MMMMWAH” on the phone screen, which, I mean c’mon… you can’t ask for a single thing more from life when that’s how your daughter is feeling.

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Alexander Micek

Update: the book is about pigs, not hedgehogs.

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