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Koosh Balls

Nannie and Ess

Nannie and Ess

We Wish You Could Merry Christmas

Essie sings it “We wish you could Merry Christmas” and it is perfect.

Ess and Nannie

Ess and Nannie

We went to the historic Alexander Ramsey house for my mom’s birthday. Essie was DEFINITELY not yet ready for house tours. Occupied her away from the tour.

Ess & Nannie

Ess & Nannie

Nannie, Ess, and an old outfit

Nannie, Ess, and an old outfit

Ess didn’t have a change of clothes, so here she is in an old outfit of mine. She’s holding Greenie, the toothbrush.

Ess and Nan

Celebrating Nannie’s birthday.



The book is Baby Beluga (Raffi Songs to Read). There’s music in the back of the book, so I play it on the piano, and Ess sings along with the baby beluga part.


When Mykala was just three months pregnant with Ess, one of the challenges I anticipated was a sick kid at home. How difficult it must be to watch your little one run down by aches, a runny nose, a tight cough and tired lungs. It has been about two years since that thought, and through a combination of luck and hand sanitizer, our family has threaded the contagion needle through birthday parties, sick relatives, and an entire cold and flu season. Then there was last week. Ess was down, down, down. The primary prodrome was her tendency to sit on our laps for extended periods, paging through a book, resting her head on our encircling arms. Kid must be fighting something, we guessed.



Called Mykala today over my lunch hour and the phone picked up, but instead of Mykala, I got: “bahbuhdee BAH… buhdee… Dada. DAHDAH.” My heart felt like it was going to melt.

To translate: Ess has a book that she reads with Nannie about hedgehogs, and they go to the playground. On one page the hedgehogs go swinging, they go back and forth. Nannie rocks Essie back and forth for this page, and Ess loves it so much that she has begun to do it on her own and when something, anything resembling a pendulum, is swinging, she says BAH buhdee. I’ll try to catch a video of it. Try.


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I don’t know if my beliefs about material possessions are innate or learned, but I do know that I believe one of the best ways to honor the incredible material wealth we have is to meticulously clean and maintain our objects. I suppose I may be trying to back out some profound explanation or justification for the amount of time I spend maintaining the things around me, but either way, I abhor the thought of disorganization or disarray or disrepair.


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Dala Horse

Dala Horse

Late Summer

There is so much I have experienced but haven’t written down since I last posted here. Let’s get to it.

Ess had four shots (one in each limb) and we confirmed at her regularly scheduled doctor visit that she is a healthy young lady.
She took her first step on September 12, but still prefers crawling. She loves the letter “B” and when we change her she finds the two big “B”s on the wall of her room (they spell BABY) and says “buh.” She finds our belly buttons. She honks my nose and I say “hoooonk” like a fog horn. Then she honks her own. She knows “moon” and says “mooOOon” with the ‘n’ on the end dropped to near silence. She’s getting so much better at sitting in her high chair at meals and eating with us. She saw the beginning of the very rare super moon total solar eclipse! The next one will be when she is 19 years old. 19! I can’t even imagine. Ess still loves planes: she never misses the chance to search for and point at one when she hears it in the sky. As such, when she and Mykala came to visit me over lunch at Eagan today, she marveled at the veritable stream of airplanes lifting off from MSP into the air over our blanket in the park. She dances. She hugs the cat and rests her head on him, delighted to catch him before he trots off.


Birthday Crawling

Birthday Crawling

Wasn’t interested in opening the present, just wanted to crawl on top of it.