Cinco de Mayo

So it took me 90 more minutes that usual to wrap up at work yesterday; had some quite-difficult CEREC crowns to do. I’m a perfectionist with the scans, and after powdering the teeth, I just didn’t have the contrast I wanted. So we cleaned them, used the diode laser again, and finally got a nice powder and picture. We battled for good isolation, finally got things to a place where I could bond in the absence of contamination. What a relief to see a good result after so much hard work. Our patient was a champion.

Feeling sad I had left Mykala at home twelve hours prior, I hurried home as best I could. So I step in the door from the garage and I the smell of freshly warmed tortillas and filling greets me; I follow the sound of the Spanish music, where I am greeted by Mykala and Essie: “Happy Cinco de Mayo!” cheers Mykala. Essie hopped up and down in her circle desk and I just about wept at how wonderful it was. I told Mykala I felt like Jimmy Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Mykala and I are still adjusting to being parents; it isn’t that you simply do not have time to build your relationship with your spouse when you have a small child, it is that you have to fight for that time and fight for the energy to resolve conflict and, sometimes, you don’t have that fight in you. Things slide and it is difficult to keep the communication lines open. Conversations transition from non-violent into violent communication where you say things like “you always __” or “you never __” or “why don’t you ever __.” So, we’re working on that. When we both acknowledge we have had tough days that could have gone better, when we both are tired, but when we can still meet at the end of the day and enjoy one another’s company… that is a gift.

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