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Wizard, Cat, Witch

Wizard, Cat, Witch

Ess was so excited for Halloween, she recorded two original songs and threw a spooky party for us on like October 1st. So you can imagine how happy she was when we made it to the actual day. She picked our costumes, Mykala found all the pieces for them. We got to return to trick-or-treating after taking 2020 off, and it was such fun. It is true you can’t go back, but it is peaceful and joyful and fulfilling to see it again through your child’s eyes.


Witch, Cat, Wizard

Witch, Cat, Wizard

Loves of My Life

Loves of My Life

Three Hands

Three Hands

Those are our three handprints. And a print of Essie’s favorite Hatchimal: Batibu.





Look at those wonderful waterproof Frogg Toggs Mykala got for us!

Us Three

Us Three

Us at Oval Beach

Us at Oval Beach

Mykala and Ess

Mykala and Ess

Pandemic Christmas Tree Shopping

Pandemic Christmas Tree Shopping

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie

When I work in downtown Minneapolis, I drive home past a boarded up store spray painted with: “REST IN POWER, GEORGE FLOYD.” Invariably, I read it aloud to myself, alone in the car, and it gives me some hope. After the inhuman, brutal, cruel murder of Floyd in May, I was so relieved to see a national and then international series of protests. Judging by their duration, intensity, and organization, this could be what it looks like when the baton from the Civil Rights movement is taken up again to continue and escalate the fight against the inextricably intertwined institutions of United States racism and United States policing.




To-Do List

So Ess drew up this to-do list in early August. This is the list of things she wanted to do this next day:


Kite Flying

“Oh dear!!” is one of my favorite things Ess says.

Family Photo 2

Family Photo 2

Mykala and I aren’t exactly… at our best in this photo. But it is the one where Ess is looking at the camera!

Family Photo 1

Family Photo 1

Holding a Snake

Holding a Snake

The snake Ess really wanted to hold is off-camera.

Split Rock

Split Rock

Philippe Frog and Dante Dragon

Best part of this video: “I’m not eating your tongue, that’s just how we shake hands!”

It is sort of interesting: the tags on this site don’t change, but our names for stuffed animals do. “Marge the Monkey” has changed to “Monkey Mao” to just Mao. The dragon in this video “Dante Fiero” changed to Dante but mostly just “Beela” because he would chase Ess and say “blah! blahblah!”

Mykala and Goats

Mykala and Goats