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To-Do List

So Ess drew up this to-do list in early August. This is the list of things she wanted to do this next day:


Kite Flying

“Oh dear!!” is one of my favorite things Ess says.

Family Photo 2

Family Photo 2

Mykala and I aren’t exactly… at our best in this photo. But it is the one where Ess is looking at the camera!

Family Photo 1

Family Photo 1

Holding a Snake

Holding a Snake

The snake Ess really wanted to hold is off-camera.

Split Rock

Split Rock

Philippe Frog and Dante Dragon

Best part of this video: “I’m not eating your tongue, that’s just how we shake hands!”

It is sort of interesting: the tags on this site don’t change, but our names for stuffed animals do. “Marge the Monkey” has changed to “Monkey Mao” to just Mao. The dragon in this video “Dante Fiero” changed to Dante but mostly just “Beela” because he would chase Ess and say “blah! blahblah!”

Mykala and Goats

Mykala and Goats

Naturally Dyed Goods

Naturally Dyed Goods

Setting up the new Naturally Dyed Goods space!

Early Spring Portrait

Early Spring Portrait

Big Playground Swing

If you don’t start playing at the playground as early as possible in the season, you won’t maximize your playground days!

Bride Owl

Bride Owl

I have a few old Sylvanians that Ess found at my parent’s house, and this is one of the owl family. Mykala made this wedding dress for the mama owl, at Essie’s request.

Running in the Snow

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas Baking

Christmas Baking



Hard to get Ess to take a non-silly photo sometimes.

The Night Before Christmas

Essie recites The Night Before Christmas based on her memory of our reading it to her.

Christmas Party 2018

Christmas Party 2018

Heading out for the office Christmas party.

Naturally Dyed Christmas

Naturally Dyed Christmas

Mykala brought her Naturally Dyed Goods to the Christmas market in Saint Anthony Park. Mykala had been working on them for some time at that point, developing her color palate, making local connections, and this was one of her first opportunities to get her stuff in front of other people. She met some great people, sold some items, and Ess and I visited her. Then, Ess threw an enormous tantrum on the way home because she was so confused about why we would leave and Mykala didn’t come with us right away. After about 45 minutes, Ess finally calmed down. I think you can see the tantrum coming on in this picture. We all survived.