Stuff from November, 2014

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on November, 2014.


I’ve been reading a bit about zoning lately, this article is a neat summation of one of my concerns about suburbs in the United States: stupid zoning laws. Author “simval84” writes a blog called “Urban kchoze”, here’s a post about Japanese zoning:


Cutie π

Cutie π

Auntie Katy got matching shirts for her and Essie!

After Bath Time

After Bath Time


Hey Ess,

It was your first snow today. You aren’t really at that point where you can go outside and romp in it, but your mom told you all about it. I think you sense the way the light bounces around outside is different these days, and I think it means something to your growing consciousness.


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15 pounds

Hey there Ess,

You found your feet a few days ago. One day you had no idea they were there, and the next, there they were! When we change your diaper, you grab hold of them with a very satisfied look on your face. You also now prefer to take your leisure time in a standing position rather than a lying one. You’ve got a contraption for that: a fabric seat that your legs poke through allowing your feet to push against a sprung board. The entire thing is supported by three legs and a sort of table top strewn with your toys. We call it your circle desk. It’s where you get your work done.


Adventure Position

Adventure Position

Car Seat

Car Seat



Circle Desk

Circle Desk



Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard


Wasn’t feeling all that Christmas-y yesterday, but Mykala pointed out that it was not going to be that warm for a long time and maybe we should get the tree so Ess can see the trees outside in their natural habit. Wouldn’t want to raise someone who thinks Christmas trees come from asphalt lots in strip malls.