Mykala and I took a 10+ mile bike ride from Prospect Park, down University, across the River on Hennepin and over part of the Cedar Lake trail through the north part of Minneapolis. It was in the mid 70s outside and the sun wasn’t yet setting but was low enough in the sky to turn things nice colors. Target Field was hosting a Twins game. It wasn’t too humid or windy or hilly or buggy. We just sailed along on our wheels.

We worried about one another, as we always do — I tried to increase our cross section to make us more visible to car drivers by riding on the far outside part of the bike lane, and Mykala tried to get me to fall into line so we’d be safely out of harm’s way. We called out directions and cautions to one another; nothing planned, simply habitual.

I like going no-handed, and with toe cages you can keep pedaling along, sometimes for miles, without touching the handlebars. I love leaning back in the saddle to rest my neck and arms; makes me feel like a superhero, gliding effortlessly along the asphalt.

I love being outside.

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