Took out a really really difficult tooth today. #18 (lower left molar), root canal treated, very broken down. Nothing, and I mean no-thing, above bone. Whoa. Elevated a nice flap because I learned the hard way what happens when you do NOT do that… you end up with tissue that looks like hamburger when you are done, and at this point you start to wonder, seriously, that hackneyed phrase from your oral surgery attendings: “if you treat tissue like that, you’re no different than a butcher”. So, yeah, the tissue in this case was in great shape. Good to see. These roots, though, man. They currrrved into bone, down, and down.

Some good pre-op planning paid off, because we had to go through plans A and B before plan C finally delivered the tooth to the outside world.

My patient was spectacular—they really did well, though. We got them nice and numb, and now that the tooth is out, the area can begin healing back to a healthy residual ridge. I’m always happy to be able to do this for folks, and I hope they are happy to have trouble teeth out.

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Mykala +1

You’re like a tooth midwife.

Alexander Micek

That made me laugh out loud.

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