Boards repetition

I’m 96% done with the 1440 NDBE Part II study cards I assigned myself in August. I’ve scheduled exam on October 10 and 11. I feel nervous — I think I’m on schedule, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve typed up almost 2000 digital flashcards into the Anki system. By transferring the information from the study cards to electronic cards, I can use the spaced-repetition algorithm to make my final weeks of studying extremely efficient. There is so much information: I feel I am trying to carry a gallon of water in my hands.

A tidbit of prep info from four years ago, when I was taking a Kaplan course to prepare for the dental entrance exam, echoes in my head: “Don’t be concerned about nervousness the day of the exam. Nerves are your body’s way of telling you it’s ready to peak.” Such phrases sound like silly platitudes until the day of the test. Then you hope they’re true.

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Dr. Sis Meech +1

All that hard work pays off in the end, but it never feels like it when you’re going through it.

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